‘Whites only have 5 years left in South Africa’

Leader of political party Front National, Hannes Engelbrecht, says that unless white South Africans realise self-determination, within the next five years, the Afrikaner will end up as a fragmented community spread across the world.

According to a report by TMG, Engelbrecht cited the latest statistics from Stats SA, showing that close to 100,000 white South Africans had emigrated from South Africa between 2011 and 2015, taking the total to one million whites who have left the country.

In the same time, one million more black and over 40,000 Asian people have entered the country, Engelbrecht said.

“I honestly believe we only have five years left. If white South Africans don’t put their money and votes into the ideal of self-determination now‚ the sell-out of 1994 will be complete,” he said.

The party leader said that the exodus of white people represented a brain drain, as most of the people leaving are skilled and educated.

“This bodes ill for South Africa as a whole. It is fast turning into a typical third world African country that will never be able to return to normality with such an influx of foreigners and exit of skilled people,” he said.

Front National is a right-wing party formed in 2013. The group believes in the self-determination of Afrikaners, and promotes secession of white people from South Africa.

The party contested the 2014 National Election and secured just over 5,100 votes.

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