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 ·4 Apr 2013
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Mxit has revealed which handset manufacturer and South African mobile network operator is most prominent amongts its user base, with Nokia and MTN taking the top spots.

Mxit provided BusinessTech with a network snapshot for March 2013, showing the breakdown of its South African users, looking at the most popular handsets and networks used.

While the platform didn’t provide exact numbers (as the numbers change month-on-month), the percentages can be projected onto the most recent user figures released by the company.

As of March 2013, Mxit has close to seven million active users – measured by a 30-day metric – with 2.8 million South African users interacting on the platform daily.

Accoring to the figures, the largest portion of Mxit users are using Nokia devices (57%), while Samsung (15%) and BlackBerry (15%) take an even-split second position.

LG phones and Sony‘s older Sony Ericsson brand phones account for 4% and 1% of handsets used, respectively.

When it comes to network operators, despite being the second largest operator in South Africa by subscriber numbers, the the largest portion of SA Mxit users are MTN customers, with a 36% share.

Largest local operator, Vodacom hosts the second largest portion of Mxit users at 29%, with Cell C (23%) and 8ta (12%) following.

Mxit split by handset

Mxit handset share

Mxit handset share

Mxit split by network

Mxit network share

Mxit network share

Mxit numbers

According to the most recent figures pulled by Mxit, the social platform is currently seeing close to seven million active users over a 30 day period.

Using the older 90-day metric, the figure sits closer to the 10 million most often reported.

Locally, the numbers are checked across smaller time intervals, which shows that Mxit is seeing 4.5 million active South African users over seven days, and 2.8 million users in one day.

Metric Active users
90 day 10,181,185
30 day 6,926,886
7 day 4,515,004
1 day 2,793,272

According to Mxit, 68% of its user base is between 18 and 35 years old, and the gender breakdown is 54% male and 46% female.

As part of a shifting strategy at the company, Mxit it looking to double its active user base by the end of the year.

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