Telkom customer service levels improving: survey

Telkom is showing in improvement in customer service and loyalty, with Telkom Mobile leading the way. This is according to the latest survey results provided to staff through an internal e-mail.

Telkom managing executive Pieter Spies told staff that providing their customers with a positive experience is an integral part of Telkom’s turnaround programme.

“Our latest Telkom Customer Loyalty Measurement results revealed a number of positive trends,” said Spies.

Overall Quality of Service in the residential market showed a significant improvement from 51% to 59% and from 47% to 58% in Small Business.

Telkom Mobile improved from 63% to 68%, which was the highest rating achieved in overall quality of service.

Telkom also started to measure the net promoter score (NPS), which is used to establish customer loyalty. An NPS that is positive is good and a result of 50 is excellent.

The net promoter score for the different Telkom business units were as follows:

  • Telkom Mobile 31
  • Government Sales 24
  • Enterprise Markets 21
  • Small Business 15
  • Residential 13
  • Medium Business 13
  • TI Business 10
  • Large Business 2
  • Wholesale services -19

From a loyalty perspective, 29% of Telkom customers were passionate and favourable towards the company, 3% were fence sitters and 30% vulnerable and defectors.

“The likelihood of recommending Telkom improved significantly from 73% to 77%,” said Spies.

“Customers who said they would continue using Telkom remained at 77%, while the category for the use of additional Telkom services declined from 58% to 49%.”

Customers who were actively searching for an alternative communication provider to Telkom remained at 52%.

Overall Quality of Telkom’s service achieved an 11-year high at 59%, against a 2013 target of 51.9%.

According to the survey results, products and services, communication and pricing remain the top three priority categories of importance for the customer.

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Telkom customer service levels improving: survey