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Telkom drops Telkom Mobile in rebrand

Telkom drops Telkom Mobile in rebrand

Telkom has launched a new brand campaign with the tagline “Tomorrow Starts Today”, in line with the group’s strategy to turn the telco around and reposition it in the ICT market.

This is the second time in just over a year that Telkom has gone through a significant brand change. In July 2013, Telkom re-launched its mobile division, 8ta, as Telkom Mobile.

However, these sub-brands (Telkom Mobile and 8ta) will no longer be used.

The company is currently promoting its new corporate look, which it said is “cleaner, fresher, and brighter”.

Telkom is doing away with its keypad icon logo, and is replacing it with a basic logo with only the word Telkom, which will be associated with all of its services.

“We are embarking on a new turnaround strategy for the entire group, and our new brand campaign reflects where we want to be,” said chief marketing officer Enzo Scarcella.

“Our rebranding marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards customer-centricity,” he said.

“Together we will deliver a great Telkom. We want every Telkom employee to be proud of this company and deliver great service. This is the first step on our new journey to put our customers first,” said Scarcella.

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  • Mlu007

    Polish a turd it’s a turd.

  • Melcom Smit

    It’s not a very smart marking decision including “Telkom” in the name to begin with.

  • Doogiek

    Just unbundle the local loop and solve our headache…

    • cpt youron urown

      Yes like a hole in the head, get your own local loop!

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