Beware SA motorists driving without number plates

 ·29 Mar 2016

Vehicles without number plates would be impounded, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters said on Tuesday, adding that the “new phenomenon” of motorists driving without vehicle registration was a “disturbing tendency”.

“We are so perturbed to notice a new phenomenon and a very disturbing tendency of some motorists who… use vehicles without registration numbers,” Peters told reporters in Pretoria.

“This is a deliberate ploy to avoid detection for traffic violations and to undermine our law enforcement efforts.”

Peters said officers had been instructed not to give the perpetrators a fine.

“The vehicle must be impounded and the owner forced to make alternative transport arrangements,” she said.

Deputy Minister Sindisiwe Chikunga said such behaviour could not be allowed to continue and had to be stopped immediately. She said, while they were conducting an operation on one of the major routes, they witnessed a number of motorists driving vehicles without number plates.

“It’s not that the cars are new. Even new cars have paper permits which are only valid for 21 days. It can’t happen and it must be stopped. These people must be inconvenienced,” said Chikunga.

Speaking on the number of road fatalities on South African roads over the Easter holidays, Peters said the preliminary results painted a positive picture so far.

“The reports indicate that there were 156 fatalities on the roads this year, compared to 287 fatalities for the same period last year. This represents a much welcomed 46% decline.”

Peters said although the country recorded a decline, the Northern Cape had the same number of fatalities as last year during the same period. The North West recorded the highest decrease, of 71%, with the number of fatalities reduced from 28 to 8.

Peters had a go at speedsters, particularly those in the public eye. She said 913 people were arrested for drunken driving and 502 were caught speeding. One of those caught speeding was Orlando Pirates goalkeeper Brighton Mhlongo.

Mhlongo said he was rushing to prepare for his wedding when he was arrested for speeding on Good Friday.

He was arrested in Johannesburg while doing 173km/h.

Peters said celebrities should lead by example as thousands look up to them and sometimes emulated their actions.

“Why I singled out the Premier Soccer League (PSL) was because one of the senior officials once refused outright to get them [PSL officials] or soccer players to speak at events about road safety,” said Peters.


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