Quiz: can you identify these South African road signs?

For many, the days of having to study road signs and markings to attain a learner’s licence are long past – but South Africa has way more road signs than you were  likely taught.

Most drivers in South Africa are familiar with the basic signs, and can identify and differentiate between a stop, a yield, a no entry and a speed limit sign.

We know that round shaped signs are regulatory signs (to control our actions on the road), while triangles serve as warnings – and yellow signs are temporary.

But many may well struggle to recognize the more obscure signs –  those that weren’t explained as clearly in the K-53 manuals you probably glossed over all those years ago.

For example, what do square signs mean? And what message is being delivered when signs are used in a combination?

Take our quiz to see if you can identify these signs and what they mean:

Note: Click on “view questions” at the end to see your detailed results

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Quiz: can you identify these South African road signs?