EY Sustainability – Clémence McNulty unpacks what you should know about climate change

 ·11 Oct 2022

Clémence McNulty is the EY Africa Sustainability Lead and is experienced across a wide range of sectors.

McNulty began her career as a strategy consultant and has built up experience at organisations like Accenture and ERM.

She holds an MSc in Environmental Change Management for Oxford University and an Honours degree in Business Administration from the University of Bath.

In today’s episode of the EY Sustainability Business Talk series, McNulty highlights what we know about climate change and its impact on the world.

McNulty explains that the coming years will be difficult in terms of climate change and details how emissions have substantially worsened this outlook.

She then talks about the most significant factors that are still unknown when it comes to climate change – such as the rate at which it is occurring and possible points of no return.

McNulty concludes by saying that while new measures are being taken globally, we need focused plans on how to institute such measures effectively in Africa.

The full interview with Clémence McNulty can be viewed below.

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