Warning over flight delays at major airports in South Africa

 ·18 Apr 2023

The Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) has confirmed that flights at the Cape Town International Airport (CTIA) are delayed as a result of a fibre network fault.

The delay in flights meant to land and depart from Cape Town International Airport will have a knock-on effect on other ACSA airports and will impact planned schedules, said ACSA.

According to the organisation, the fault required the airport to temporarily downgrade the Instrument Landing Category status of the airport.

“Poor visibility conditions due to dense fog around the airport further exacerbated the challenging morning as aircraft were unable to land at CTIA and had to be diverted to other airports.”

ACSA said that its technicians are currently working on restoring the system, and the aircraft will be able to land once the fog lifts.

The airport company urged passengers to contact the airlines they are travelling on and can check for regular updates on ACSA’s mobile App.

South Africa’s major airports have faced a slew of issues over the past few years following the pandemic and various fuel supply issues that have emerged periodically since.

On 6 March, CTIA experienced low jet fuel supply reserves over due to load shedding, which stalled the airport’s largest supplier – this was not the first case at CTIA specifically.

Big problem for airports in South Africa resurfaces thanks to load shedding



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