How much you should be earning in your 30s in South Africa

Data from salary research group PayScale shows what South Africans with enough experience in their 30s are earning.

PayScale conducted research in 2014 which showed that the biggest jump in salary happened when people were leaving their 20s and entering their 30s.

From 20 to 30, on average, men and women both saw salaries increase by 60%.

Looking at PayScale’s available salary data for South Africa, the country fared a bit better, seeing a 72% jump from an average starting salary of R151,000 at 21, to R360,000 at 29.

According to the research, the jump from 30 to 40 is different for men and women, but still smaller for both.

Women see their salaries slow down to under 20% by the time they’re in their 40s, while men see healthier average salary growth at 45%.

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Your salary after 30 – R510,000

It is important to note that salaries are mostly determined by years of experience, and not by age. However, it can be assumed that experience and age are closely aligned if  most employees leave university at age 21.

According to the data, in their first year of work, young South Africans can expect to earn an average of R151,820 a year.

This increases to an average salary of R208,000 (1 – 4 years of experience), before hitting around R358,000 by the time people reach the age of 30 (5 – 9 years of experience).

In South Africa, employees with between 10 – 19 years of experience (thus in their 30s), draw an average salary of R510,000 – a 42% increase from their late 20s.

This is based on the reported salaries of 30,000 South Africans across all careers.

According to the group, these are the most popular positions held by people in their 30s with this experience level, as well as the median salary as reported.

Most popular jobs: 10 – 19 years experience

Job Median Salary
Operations Manager R409 862
Personal Assistant R198 733
Office Administrator R127 637
Bookkeeper R171 455
General Manager R412 207
Financial Manager R539 256
Executive Assistant R293 780

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How much you should be earning in your 30s in South Africa