FNB offers coronavirus payment relief extensions to select customers

FNB says it will offer extended cashflow relief measures to select customers hit by the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

The extension will be for three months, but will only be offered to pre-selected qualifying customers with existing Covid-19 cashflow relief plans.

The payment breaks are offered at prime interest rates with 60 months repayment term and no penalty fees on early settlements.

“FNB will now be offering pre-selected qualifying customers with existing Covid-19 Cashflow Relief Plans an opportunity to extend the payment breaks with a separate credit agreement by up to 3 months.

“This will mean that qualifying customers in selected industries of our economy that can demonstrate material income impact as a result of Covid-19 may be offered a 6 months payment break on their repayments through a separate credit agreement,” FNB said.

“We encourage customers to evaluate their personal circumstance before taking up any offer. The offer brings flexibility and real savings to customers on the cost of their credit in the long term and is specifically designed to help customers minimise the impact of Covid-19 on their finances.”

FNB announced its original cashflow relief measures in April 2020, which offered customers a three-month payment break through a separate credit agreement and assistance with credit insurance claims where relevant.

As at 15 June, nearly 300,000 individual customers were offered payment breaks worth approximately R5 billion, it said.

In addition, it expects to approve approximately R150 million worth of credit life insurance claims by end of June 2020, which is R50 million more than its initial projection.

FNB said that the extensions are offered because some customers/industries may feel the impact of Covid-19 longer than others. This may be due to their type of employment, or circumstances such as self-employment, with reduced or no income.

The extended relief measures are available to customers who honoured their credit agreements with the Bank as at end of February 2020.

The relief options available are as follows:

Extended payment break with a separate credit agreement at prime interest rate

  • You are offered to extend your current payment break by up to 3 months;
  • Your repayments only start at the end of the extended payment break;
  • You get prime interest rates, zero or no penalty fees for settling early and a 60 months repayment term.

3-month payment break with extended repayment term on a single product

  • You get a 3-month payment break by extending your current repayment term on a credit product;
  • No separate credit agreement is required, and the original interest rate on the credit product applies;
  • You will only resume with instalments at the end of your payment break on the product;
  • Interest and fees are not suspended during the payment break.

“We encourage customers who have multiple products with us to consider a cashflow relief plan which consolidates their instalments to repay separately at the end of the payment break. This could be cost-effective for a customer compared to extending the term on each product, where original interest rates and fees can cause financial strain over the long term,” said chief executive of FNB Retail, Raj Makanjee.

He stressed that customers are encouraged to fully understand the options provided to them in light of their financial situation and only then decide whether or not to proceed.

“Those who have a single product with us, such as vehicle finance via WesBank, can always opt to extend their term to repay over a longer period. This option also offers a payment break,” he said.

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FNB offers coronavirus payment relief extensions to select customers