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SA Home Affairs scraps controversial visa rule

SA Home Affairs scraps controversial visa rule

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief after the Department of Home Affairs announced on Thursday it is amending its controversial rule that makes it a requirement for parents to have their minor children’s unabridged birth certificates available before they can travel.

Mkuseli Apleni, the department’s director general, said the regulations were being reviewed and amended.

The amended law would stipulate that parents’ details would be printed in the minor’s passport, meaning they would not have to carry birth certificates.

“Home affairs is working jointly with the national department of tourism to ensure the regulations are amended accordingly,” he said.

The tourism department had previously argued that the unabridged birth certificate visa regulation that came into effect last year had hurt the industry.

Apleni said the department was working hard to implement the amended rule and that Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba was happy the matter was being handled in collaboration with stakeholders.


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  • Jon Low

    After fiercely defending the indefensible idiocy of his own design, Malusi Gigaba suddenly goes limp and caves in completely?

    • Cave in? No way! He’s simply found a new way of obfuscating around the same old problem (that he created himself). Likely in practice, the “cure” will be worse (more bureaucratically exhaustive) than the “disease”.

      • Carel Raath

        They made money from the unabridged birth cert, now you will have to go get a new passport again with the parents details in it… just make more money again

        • prodigy712

          Is there such a passport? Does any teritory issue such?

  • third class citizen

    Egg meet face.

  • se-aramo

    sanity over madness perhaps?!

  • Half baked report. What it is describing is a suggestion that may possibly be introduced “this year, next year, sometime, never”. Anyway the process of applying for the new-style “childrens’ passport” is liable to be even more delay-prone than applying for the “full” birth certificate.

    • Faizel Hassen

      Maybe never. Maybe just a ploy by All the Nations Criminals.

  • Abusufyaan Ahmad

    is he saying that we should now make new passports>?

  • Giles

    New knee jerk reactions to old knee jerk reactions. Nobody can ever say that actual thought goes into most of our government policies. Knee jerk reactions!

  • Misleading and idiotic heading. Creates false hope and does not reflect the rest of the story. Nothing has changed!

  • rodmur


  • bronwyn

    What does this really mean? Do we now have to get a new passport for the children? What about the applications already done for the unabridged birth certificate?

  • Chantel

    Money, money. They not thinking about the single parents that would like to travel, but cant. As it is now it all ready so hard specially if you don’t know where to find the other parent to get a signature.

  • thornik

    Soon or later incompetent monkeys will be thrown away! Country cannot suffer ’em anymore. Viva intellect!

  • SAM

    We do not have tourist/passport/biometric/visa problem. We have a “guvument” problem.( I often wonder if all or other countries had abridged and unabridged birth certificates???. I have learnt that there are actually different type of bitrh certificates in the UK. Some countries do not have birth certificates but have registration docs. I don’t know the difference.)The ‘guvument’ problem is a quagmire of unknown proportions. Besides the –1–visa fu, there is:
    2. the Broadband fu, restriction problems and financial loss that costs BILLiONS
    3 the Prasa train engine fu that costs BILLIONS
    4 the DELAY of ESKOM upgrades fu costing BILLIONS. How far has the famous gas conversion progressed. The silence is deafening.
    5 SAA fu -a bottomless money sucking pit. And now they the want to buy and ‘release’ new planes, costing more BILLIONS. Interesting fact — Most airlines employ less than 200 people per plane. SAA employ more than 400 per plane. Go figure!!!
    6 Post Office fu. Wages paid in installments. AND I know of a suburban post office where the rent has nor been paid for the last six months. The property owner is beside himself with frustration while stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    7 Education fu. Some schools are still deskless, teacherless, bookless. Here is a fun one. There are apparently 30,000 schools in SA. There are apparently 30,000 shebeens in SA.. SA Breweries deliver once a week to just about every shebeen. The guvument cant even deliver once to a year to the schools. HE HE HEEEEEEE!!!
    8 Mossgass fu. All is suddenly very quiet.
    9 We Are facing a water supply fu of drastic proportions.
    10 Gold theft fu. This has been going on for years. There has been gold theft by the zama-zama’s and death on SA goldmines since before I went to the gold fields in the seventies. Some folk recon nearly a 1/4 to a 1/3 of all SA god is stolen.

    I can go on and on. and with all this nonsense!!! AND the guvuments’ biggest problem is ‘racsist’ (??!!??) Gareth Cliff!!!!. Ag nee man!!!!!! Its called vote catching.

    The sad part is that guvument is keeping most of the country dumbed down and in the dark! AND with SACP, Cosatu. Tribal kings, indunas, etc, forcing the ANC vote, they will attempt to run the country for ever. I hope the cracks that are appearing is the beginning of something new.

    The list is endless. AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the NENE fiasco has turned us and our beautiful country into a circus—a broke and poor circus. Even De Beers H/Ohas moved to Botswana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • meep

    This means nothing. You still need to wait forever for an unabridged certificate if you want to travel with your kids. Department of home affairs are unable to issue these for many people. They believe it will be about a year before they can get the new child passports out. In the mean time, everyone still gets screwed. Thanks ANC. Asswipes.

  • djdrastic

    Finally we have come to our senses.
    Can we finish this off with firing comrade Gigaba ?

    Preferably banning him from any government position in the future.

  • kopano

    that means that if you child have a valid passport now you will still need those documents if only one parent is traveling with the child what happens

  • Like it is

    well what do you expect from a mickey mouse government.

  • Non racist

    Irrespective of all the damages done to the economy,this u turn comes about including pay back the money,this government does not know what they are doing and the entire lot should be thrown out to improve the economy,but then they do not need a strong economy to fall in line with the rest of Africa I suppose

  • #TimeForChange

    The damage has been done – will take YEARS to repair…..

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    If Gigaba was a soccer team, he would have trailed by about 5 – 0 now. All own goals. I wanted to say fire him, but look at his boss…

  • John Viveiros AddictedToTruth

    So how are they influencing foreign governments to do this, where the supposed huge problem arises from? Note: Its is a good practice regardless for all govenrments to do.

  • Ray Mulder

    It just proves that radicalism has no place in society. Restriction causes criminals to inovate. Rules and laws should promote freedom by logical example. Freedom is not an anything goes thing…it is a way which allows us to live without causing friction with others and nature.

  • DumbSA

    great. so we literally just got our daughters passport a few days ago and there are no parent names in it…so I assume we will still have to take the unabridged birth certificate along anyway. and so will the thousands of others who got passports before this change.

    • Mary C

      That is my question as well. Just got my daughter’s ua birth cert with her passport in December… Do we need to get her a new passport now?

      • DumbSA

        I would think they will still accept the birth certificate as sufficient, they would have to deal with a lot of legacy issues so they cannot simply refuse it…..i hope.

  • S. Bediako-Asante

    That is better for tourism development.


    What can I say??? Egg all over the face. No ears!!

  • Nico Van Der Merwe

    Took them a while.

  • Cheeseburger

    Eish! Another own-goal scored by the ‘cleva-boys’ at the ANC.

  • Jacques

    Yea Gigaba, just another fuck-up!

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