The richest fictional companies in the world

A UK company has published an infographic showing the richest fictional companies based on popular culture, literature and other media.

UK Businesses For Sale, which supports small businesses, calculated the value of companies including ACME’s Looney Tunes, Wayne Enterprises from Batman, and Stark Industries, from IronMan.

The data was put into an infographic called “The World’s Richest Companies That Don’t Actually Exist,” and shows the annual revenue of 14 companies.

Topping the list is Choam from the book and subsequent movie Dune, which according to the infogrpahic, scored $1.7 trillion, while Acme pocketed $348.7 billion, and Sirius from Hitchhikers Guide earned $327.2 billion.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc, meanwhile, generates revenue of $485.7 billion,
Exxon Mobil Corporation is at $369.4 billion, and Apple’s revenue is at $182.8 billion.




The infographic was created by UK Businesses For Sale

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The richest fictional companies in the world