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Here is the expected petrol price for June 2016

Here is the expected petrol price for June 2016

South Africa motorists can expect yet another petrol price hike in June if the rand continues its weaker trend.

According to senior researcher at Solidarity, Paul Joubert, the average level of the exchange rate of the rand against the dollar has been slightly weaker so far in May than the average of R14.65 in April.

Monday’s sharp depreciation put the average for May at R14.87.

“If these weak levels are sustained through the rest of May, it will have a significant impact on petrol and diesel prices,” said Joubert.

He noted that international dollar prices of refined petrol and diesel (not crude oil), have both traded at significantly higher prices in May so far, when compared with the prior month.

“These two factors together, if sustained at current levels, will lead to the price of all grades of petrol increasing by about 47 cents per litre on 1 June, while the wholesale price of diesel will likely increase by about 68 cents per litre,” the analyst said.

This would put the retail price of 93 octane petrol in Gauteng at R12.91 per litre – still 1.3% lower than it was in June 2015.

The wholesale price of diesel with 0,05% sulphur in Gauteng would cost about R11.21 per litre, which would be nearly 4% lower than it was in June 2015, Joubert said.


The analyst pointed out that the price of petrol has been lower than the same month of the preceding year for the last 18 months – with January to March 2016 as the only exceptions.

“This situation may change in the latter half of 2016, which would stoke Consumer Price Inflation upward again,” Joubert said.

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  • Broscientist

    Thank you Zuma. Thank you ANC and thank you, you stupid voters who voted for the ANC.

    • Jaco Bezuidenhout

      Thank you stupid person, for believing that voting actually means anything. You sure do believe your vote means anything. You sure do have a say in this country, don’t you?
      Wake up. PLEASE!

      • Jonathan Christen

        In Dumb Dumb’s head, voting doesn’t matter, because defeatest that his is doesnt believe that things can change for the better. If everyone just voted to make things better instead of crying in a corner that things will never get better and thats why they dont vote, then they shouldnt be allowed to have a public opinion. Vote then complain if you want, but dont be a negative nancy and dont vote because you dont believe it will change anything and then sit and cry because you’re not at least trying. TRY Dumb Dumb, at least try!!!

        • jandr0

          Jonathan, please read this earnestly. Although you may possibly perceive this as an “attack” on you, I write it rather as an urgent appeal.

          I suspect you are practically an exemplar of the person to whom the other commenter’s “Wake up. PLEASE!” call was aimed.

          Indeed, your reply to the “Wake up” comment suggests that, although your intentions are good, you are quite likely still “sleeping” (in the metaphorical sense of that comment).

          [Vote then complain if you want, but dont be a negative nancy and dont vote because you dont believe it will change anything and then sit and cry because you’re not at least trying.]

          That statement is a prime example why some of us view you as still (metaphorically) “sleeping” (read for instance Gordon Tullock’s “The Vote Motive,” if you haven’t yet, to grapple with the major deficiencies inherent in the position you espoused). Revealing such a strong trust in the “vote” and governments implies the politicians probably have got you exactly where they most want you to be: a believer in the “vote.”

          “Don’t believe them, don’t fear them, don’t ask anything of them.” – Alexander Solzhenitsyn, attributed by Dmitry Orlov.

          I can only repeat the other commenter’s plea: please, Jonathan, WAKE UP! You have been indoctrinated. Both subtly and blatantly, and certainly consistently over many years. You have even, it seems, thus far bought the politician’s game hook, line, and sinker. I urge you, for both your and all of us’ sake, wake up. The political system is way more devious and corrupt than your hopeful (and obviously sincere) belief that the “vote” will bring about a good, benign government.

          PS. I understand that you may be predisposed to reply to my comment in the same manner as you did to the other person’s comment (for as Mason Cooley observed so accurately: “Under attack, sentiments harden into dogma.”). I will not hold that against you. But that will not stop people like me hoping that maybe, just maybe, some day in the future, you (and more) will gradually and finally “wake up.” We will welcome you into the fold of those who have looked long and hard at the political establishment and then freed ourselves from the indoctrination (for I and many others, too, once believed and hoped JUST LIKE YOU).

          “I am persuaded that there is absolutely no limit to the absurdities that can, by government action, come to be generally believed.” – Bertrand Russel, “An Outline of Intellectual Rubbish.”

        • Jaco Bezuidenhout

          I agree with you, though i have to say that these days everything is leaning towards catch 22. I support the Ubuntu party who needs all our support. Contributionism can work. it is proven. before you shoot it down, hear them out. hear michael tellinger’s heart before you just decide it will fail.

      • Broscientist

        So now I am stupid? What a brave key board warrior you are. You probably didn’t achieve much in live and now you spew your filth here on the internet. Well done.

        • Jaco Bezuidenhout

          You are the first one to use the word ‘stupid’, deforming a whole bunch of people. I will apologize, but please see how you instigate such matters.

    • The BOSS

      So in your opinion who must people vote for? Since you want to decide for everyone in the whole country

      • Broscientist

        Bro I am not deciding for the whole country, it’s still your choice but don’t be an idiot when you vote. If you don’t like the DA vote UDF.

        • The BOSS

          So DA and UDF are the only parties contesting? Why don’t you mention FF Plus, IFP, EFF etc? You have a very myopic perspective to things

    • lyallchazen

      You obviously understand nothing if you think it’s the ANC’s fault. How would the DA handle things any differently? We’d probably be paying R20 per litre with them as they plan to scrap etolls.

      • jandr0

        [How would the DA handle things any differently?]

        Well, I don’t support any political party, so I can only take a stab based on their proclaimed policies: under them there should be much more prudent fiscal management (and their policy is supported by their track record as well).

        That, in turn, should contribute to a stronger currency and hence more affordable fuel.

        Hhmm. Applying basic economic principles does enlighten one so much. And also clearly and unambiguously indicates the ANC’s direct culpabality in the present situation.

        PS. Scrapping etolls should only have a net POSITIVE effect on the situation (as the capital expenditure ALREADY incurred remains the same, but the ongoing revenues are collected more efficiently). For, WHATEVER happens, the citizen will pay. More COST-EFFICIENT collection, however, is a net advantage to the average citizen. But then, again I am only applying basic economic principles, so maybe (sarcasm on) I also “understand nothing if I think it’s the ANC’s fault.”

      • Broscientist

        Ok I understand nothing. Cause you said so.

  • Danny Boy

    “still 1.3% lower than it was in June 2015.”
    Except EVERYTHING else is costing more than in June 2015. So your comment is worth less than the 1.3%

  • Gregory

    Even when Zuma steps down (which I am hoping for) now, we may not get any sort of relief anytime soon anyhow. He has done far too much damage.

    • Jaco Bezuidenhout

      It’s just a show. It keeps you busy….keeps you away from the real concerns.

      • jandr0

        Spot on!

        “Don’t pay any attention to national politicians – it only encourages them. They are a colossal distraction. Stay focused.” – Dmitry Orlov.

  • YouThinkTheDarknessIsYourAlly

    This is getting ridiculous now :/

  • Brad Peng

    More runaway brides to be seen at Petrol station!

  • Henry McDonald

    Rest of March? Should’nt that be rest of MAY?

  • Steady_B2k

    This is just a drip of fuel increase compared to the Gush that is coming to our beloved country.

    I really feel sorry for the taxi industry and trucking companies

    • Leon

      Rather feel sorry for us. Who do you think is gonna carry that increase on behalf of the trucking companies and taxis?
      Us, the consumers of course…

  • Fracas


  • The BOSS

    I don’t understand this, how come not so long ago when the rand was stronger than the $ at 14:15, fuel price never went down, but now that it has gone above /15, prices go up. Someone care to explain?

    • Blapartheid Zulu

      Because they anc only cared about profit and taxes. Anc before the country remember?

      • The BOSS

        Does the ANC authorize the increase or decrease of fuel? I don’t think you understood my question. Besides, the fuel sector is private owned and not a parastatal

        • Blapartheid Zulu

          Did you not know the government regulate ( increase & decrease) fuel? If fuel is in private sector just like Telkom is, why can’t companies dictate their own price, why can’t they import their own fuel?

    • Jaco Bezuidenhout

      Because there is ‘someone’ who decides how it is. kindof like turning a knob that reads “. Then ‘someone else’ makes up the story to justify and provide substance for people to keep them busy with.

  • lyallchazen

    RIP SA economy. There could be a killing to be made in mules and carts though.

  • Stevo Jones

    Yay! More good stories to tell aye anc? It’s NOT apartheid’s fault. It is the anc’s fault.

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