Business Talk – Chief executive Sean Sanders on the latest innovations from Revix

 ·31 May 2022

Sean Sanders is an expert in technology entrepreneurship and is the founder and CEO of Revix.

He has extensive experience in the fintech industry and is passionate about how the technology and finance industries combine in the cryptocurrency market.

This led Sanders to found Revix – an intelligent investment management platform that gives its customers easy and effective access to cryptocurrency investment and trading.

Prior to founding Revix, he founded three other startups – a multipurpose online university application system, Application Portal; event-driven proprietary trading firm, Sataya; and crypto-asset advisory firm, Blocktree Capital.

Sanders also worked as a tech analyst at Sabvest, as a portfolio manager at General Pacific Management Services, and at venture capital firm Knife Capital.

In this episode of Business Talk, Sanders discusses the latest trends in the crypto industry, including the recent cryptocurrency pullback.

He outlines the areas in the cryptocurrency market that he is focusing on given the recent sell-off from multi-decade highs.

He then talks about one of Revix’s latest innovations, called Saving Vaults, which are cryptocurrency investment products that provide customers with high interest rates.

Finally, Sanders explains how easy it is to get into the cryptocurrency market with Revix.

The full Business Talk interview with Revix CEO Sean Sanders is embedded below.

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