Jobs that pay R30,000 or more per month in South Africa

 ·7 Feb 2024

Numerous jobs in South Africa offer a minimum monthly salary of R30,000 per month or more – mostly found in the Information Technology (IT) and business management space.

This is according to the latest Pnet Job Market Trends Report, which gives insights into the quarterly trends shaping the recruitment market.

Pnet said that the local job market experienced the same level of hiring activity over the last two years (from Q4 2021 to Q4 2023). Year-on-year, hiring activity saw a 0% change.

However, there was a 1% decline quarter-on-quarter in Q4 2023, primarily due to the significant decrease in hiring activity in December.

Source: Pnet

“Earning a salary is the number one reason why people look for a job, take up a job or find a new job. However, talking about salaries is still a taboo topic, and most people simply speculate about what others earn,” Pnet said.

Stats SA said that the average monthly salary in South Africa is R26,086, but Pnet has taken a deeper dive into the market-related salaries for specific job roles and professions. The findings are based on actual salary offers from advertised vacancies advertised over the past year.

According to the research, Executive Management and Director roles offer the highest minimum salary in the country, starting at R90.157 and rising to R120,280.

In terms of sectors, IT offered the most positions (6) with a minimum salary of R30,000 per month, with pay potentially reaching R75,000.

Below are the many positions that offer a minimum salary of R30,000 per month:

JobSectorMonthly Salary
Executive Management / DirectorBusiness & Management R90 157 to R120 280
Technical / Business ArchitectureInformation TechnologyR50 659 to R75 000
Senior ManagementBusiness & ManagementR50 000 to R70 000
Database Design / Development / AdministrationInformation TechnologyR49 351 to R67 500
Civil / Structural Engineering Architecture & EngineeringR41 833 to R68 379
Mechanical EngineeringArchitecture & EngineeringR41 667 to R67 133
Middle / Department ManagementBusiness & ManagementR41 667 to R59 309
Business AnalysisInformation TechnologyR40 000 to R60 000
Engineering TechnicianArchitecture & EngineeringR40 000 to R58 674
Internal AuditingFinanceR39 838 to R50 891
Financial AnalysisFinanceR39 259 to R58 333
Cost & Management AccountingFinanceR38 896 to R47 518
Software DevelopmentInformation TechnologyR36 500 to R58 333
Product ManagementMarketingR35 000 to R58 572
Data Analysis / Data WarehousingInformation TechnologyR35 000 to R55 500
External AuditingFinanceR34 167 to R47 789
Supply Chain ControlManufacturing & AssemblyR31 667 to R43 528
Communications & Public RelationsMarketingR30 333 to R45 107
Electrical EngineeringArchitecture & EngineeringR30 000 to R58 000
Brand ManagementMarketingR30 000 to R50 000
Systems AnalysisInformation TechnologyR30 000 to R49 702
Business DevelopmentBusiness & ManagementR30 000 to R46 448
Strategy ConsultingBusiness & ManagementR30 000 to R46 614
Account ManagementSalesR30 000 to R41 457
Financial / Project AccountingFinanceR30 000 to R40 359
Source: Pnet

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