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Cape Town has a plan for its infamous unfinished freeway

Cape Town has a plan for its infamous unfinished freeway

City of Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille has announced that the Western Cape government will finally take action to complete – or possibly remove – the city’s ‘iconic’ Foreshore Freeway dead end.

In a speech at the Foreshore Precinct on 21 June, De Lille said that the City will issue a public document in early July, calling on prospective investors and developers to provide plausible solutions for the freeway.

Whether the unfinished highway stays or goes, however, developers will need to resolve traffic congestion, provide access to the CBD and develop affordable housing in the district.

The prospectus document is expected to be released on 8 July 2016.

Earlier in June it was reported that De Lille had laid out plans for the unfinished bridge – which runs from the Helen Suzman Boulevard in Green Point – which would see it connect to the N1 route out of Cape Town.

According to reports quoting the mayor speaking at a press club meeting, Prasa and Transnet were on board with the plan.

The City of Cape Town previously turned to students to come up with creative ideas on what to do with the bridge. Ideas from 600 UCT students were presented at City Hall in 2014. None included completing the highway.

The bridge was conceptualised and designed in the 1960s, and started construction in the 1970s in a bid to alleviate traffic congestions in the city.

Due to budget constraints, the bridge was never completed, and has stood as a sudden end, going nowhere, since 1977.

It has become a minor tourist attraction in the city, and has served as the set of many adverts, fashion shoots and movies.

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  • Skerminkel

    As much as I respect Aunty Pat, this sounds like electioneering!

    • RustedFaith

      So whose votes are she trying to win over by completing a 30 year old bridge ?

      Last time I checked every CT citizen knows about the bridge and are unaffected by it.

      So who’s votes are she trying to win cause the poor and the rich cant care less.

      Unless you have proof that she will win over a certain group for votes inside of CT by fixing a bridge. Untill then it sounds like a mighty thumb suck … I dont vote so cant care less but simple logic contradicts your statement.

      • Skerminkel

        Seeing that you made the effort to ask the same question twice 😉
        People like R2know and Zackie Achmat recently made a lot of noise about the selling of some city property to rich developers, rather than using it for low cost housing. Now she says this:
        “Whether the unfinished highway stays or goes, however, developers will
        need to resolve traffic congestion, provide access to the CBD and
        develop affordable housing in the district.”
        Providing affordable housing in the commercial centre of the city is a bit ridiculous and I am willing to be money that it will not happen.
        Also to require private developers to “resolve traffic congestion” indicates that she did not even speak to the city engineers.
        These kind of utterances 7 weeks before an election has politics written all over it!

        • Yah hey, because this seems like the biggest form of trying to win over elections vs that of the ANC hey? Well up, your mentality is strong here.

          • Skerminkel

            Just because I criticize a DA politician does not mean I support the ANC. All political leaders govern on our behalf and we should keep them honest.
            From your avatar, I thought you would know that!

          • It is a dumb thought to have. Thinking a political party has bigger fish to fry than worrying about a silly bridge. I didn’t say at any point you supported any political party however if you cannot beat them just ensure you are at least a better version of them.

          • Skerminkel

            The sections of the “silly bridge” must be worth tens of millions as they stand there in the public eye, right next to the centre of Cape Town and on the way to the most popular tourist destination in the country. If they do demolish it, they will lose that investment. On the other hand, the land on which it stands must be worth a few 100 million. They will never let it go to waste by constructing cheap housing there.
            You don’t understand much of this political campaigning thing, do you?

    • Willow

      Good for her, and the DA!

  • John Smith

    What do they employ town planners for if they don’t carry out the plans they come up with.

    • It was 1977 man, things were not always a rush back then.

    • Mike Watkins

      it should make some lovely bonuses for Fransman and Ehrenreich. They might even be able to convince BRICS to move its embassies there; After all its nice and close to the harbour, for all those drug imports; And being on the foreshore, as sea levels rise we can watch them all like goldfish, from above; At least something entertaining and educational to show on SABC-TV; especially when the sharks get downwind of all their BS.

  • CharlieTango

    The other story doing the rounds about the incomplete highway was not a lack of funding, but that the design was flawed and that the curve would have been too sharp and dangerous to link it to the N1.

    • disqus_uNIcBwr03l

      Simply not true. This project was halted because they could no longer justify the expense versus the benefit to be gained. Remember this was 1977 when traffic flow wasn’t as big a problem as it is today.

    • Mike Watkins

      great! make it a shortcut between some fastfood outlet, with a shebeen, and the Houses of Parliament. I wonder how long before all the EFFers, Cancers, Commies and unionists would take to go off the curve?

  • Cheesy 3.0

    On a road to nowhere.

  • ToothyGrinn

    Use it for public executions.

    • Betterestdayz

      Bouncing politicians everywhere. .. boong bing boing… better temper my windscreen. ..

  • Betterestdayz

    Lemmings lament!

    • Willow

      Pied Piper perhaps too?

      • Mike Watkins

        only if he was also called Gupta?

  • Morgs Morgan

    Teach Zuma driving lessons on it…

  • And demolishing the bridge for housing was considered when? You seem to know so much insight into this it’s awesome please share more.

  • Mike Watkins

    put a pot of gold on the end! place Comrade Nzimande in one of his luxury vehicles, with his puppet, Fransman Ehrenreich and the Gupta brothers in several others; Then take away the barricades. point them at the pot of gold, and fire an AK47 into the spectators!,” ready steady go!” the race for the gold would be on; And if SA was lucky enough they’d all race off the end,crash on top of each other, and rid SA of their unaffordable greed, racism and lust for violence.

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