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E-toll system faulty: Sanral

E-toll system faulty: Sanral

The SA National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) admits some glitches have been experienced in the e-toll collection system, The Citizen reported on Friday.

Spokesman Vusi Mona told the newspaper there had been some “genuine” complaints about the system.

“There are genuine customer complaints. There is no system that is foolproof and 100 percent correct.”

He said there were not a large number of such complaints, however, and those complaints lodged with consumer satisfaction website were being handled by Sanral’s public relations department.

Mona said the agency had acquired motorists’ cellphone numbers legally through the Electronic National Administration Traffic Information System (eNatis).

“We are not breaking any laws or violating people’s privacy,” he said.

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  • Apostolos Moutzouris

    “E-toll system faulty: Sanral”

    The whole system is a glitch. Just scrap it, you will make more money selling the gantries as scrap metal and the cameras are parts

  • Kradenko

    Even if it works 200% I am not registering and I am not paying… sorry boss!

  • Lesley

    Sanral’s etolling system has doom written all over it.

  • Jennifer

    I wish those responsible for stealing, wasting, misuse of our tax money will be held accountable instead of making tax payers pay for the the crimes and incompetence of those who misuse / abuse their positions. The roads have always been maintained with tax money, now all of a sudden there is not enough money. I am not going to pay for the mistakes of others. Next you will hear the toll money have disappeared or have been spent on something else and a new / higher tax will be introduced to fund the Gauteng Toll Road Improvement Program. If we don’t kill this scurge in its early stages now theabuse, extortion and blackmail will only spread into other areas as well. The government does not care about the citizens, it has its own agenda. Its time for a change! Vote wisely so we can get new people in government that will hopefully not be there for their own bebnefit but there because they care about this country and their fellow citizens. Its a pity we have to start from scratch again but thats what happens when you let sharks into places and positions of power

  • Red_Baron1234

    How did they get then my one Cell number which is not on Enatis or listed anywhere which I only used for data once, bunch of liars and I am not even in Gauteng.

    • Carol Anne Collett

      Most likely from Vehicle licensing Dept …………. ALL gov dept.’s are connected – including SARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Red_Baron1234

        Nope as the number is never used. It is an emergency prepaid number which I had for years and only top it up once in while. It is on an old Nokia 3210. I did not give it to anybody. Nobody class me on it and I do not even get one message. My thinking is that SANRAL must have got it from Vodacom and are trying there luck. I live in CT and not near Gauteng and are not listed on SANRAL. They agreed they have send it and I must pay and then complete a dispute form.

        • Canvassi

          Uhmmm…. I don’t have any car registered in my name, and never had any previous registrations under my current cellphone number. Neither am I registered with SANRAL. I live hundreds of kilometres away and have not been to Gauteng in decades. How did you get the number from eNatis, mr Mona, sir?

        • Carol Anne Collett

          There certainly MUST be a way these weird connections are being made. I was recently forced to open a G-mail a/c for new cell-phone – immediately forgot password etc as didn’t need ANOTHER email !!! Guess what – am now receiving Ekhuraleni Rates a/c final demands – NEVER lived in that area !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????????

  • Andre

    “We are doing nothing illegal” claims SANRAL. Forcing people to pay for a service without issuing a proper TAX invoice is illegal. SANRAL is a registered VAT vendor (they charge VAT on toll fees) and therefore are bound by VAT legislation as much as any other vendor. I will pay nothing if I do not receive a proper tax invoice.

    • Armand Mey

      i like that quite “We are doing nothing illegal”, there for i will not pay, and i will also say “I am doing nothing illegal” since they are not allowed to do anything against us, it’s funny to know they want to push people into bankruptcy even though they are not allowed to do this, since this goes against human rights act, and I agree, if I do not get an invoice i will not pay a damn cent, SANRAL is a joke, they gave us a huuuuuge bill, and we don’t even use the damn gates, pathetic

      • non – e-toll

        yeah we pay enough petrol – take from that

  • Sir Rants A Lot Llew. Jelly!!!

    “He said there were not a large number of such complaints”

    Bull. I’ve yet to meet or see someone who hasn’t had problems. Please don’t treat us like idiots.

    Also it took Sanral 7 days to respond to my queries with an automated mailer and a PDF document stating it’s being looked at. 7 days for the automailer to respond? Well now. Seems that even your complaints systems are faulty which is why you claim not to have many complaints. Right?

  • DeWet Lombard-Bovéy

    Then explain how they sent my mother an SMS stating she needs to pay. When the car is registered on my name with my license, and has nothing to do with my mother. So they are targeting family members now? This is a bullying and Mob mentality. How can it be lawful for them to send relatives the sms and threaten them with that VPC if I dont pay?

  • Van Jen

    How can you pay if you don’t know what you owe? Also before one pays an account one does check to see if it is correct. Popi (the new Act) does not seem to have been taken into consideration and I wonder if the personal information protected under this Act has been adhered to??


    Shut up

  • Philip

    Keep receiving sms threats to be handed over for collection, have requested a VAT invoice and proof of road use as all my vehicles are used for business purposes. as yet (3 weeks later) nothing further other than an automated response from their email system.

  • Vic

    So here is my question… How long has these gantries been up there? Are you telling me that they have not been teasing the system while fighting to get it online? They got your cell numbers semi legally… remember when you had to RICA your phone when you got it… BINGO…

  • Carol Anne Collett

    You idiots have OBVIOUSLY taken ZERO notice of the general public, who have moore brains than the lot of you clowns !!!!!!!!! GIVE UP, before you make total a$$e$ of yourselves, as though you haven’t done that already ! C’mon SA – time to get rid of these black ANC pr1cks !!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Jaco Rautenbach

    I believe Sanral is guilty of a not very well known criminal offence, called “malicious prosecution” (abuse of process). I myself have received the sms “handed over” threats, without having been invoiced at all. To me this pretty much feels like blackmail/extortion, another criminal offence. It will be interesting if there is a laywer that can comment. If 1 million people lay charges what can happen? Who is the actual responsible person? Can we go right up the line to where the buck stops…our beloved JZ?

  • Canvassi

    There was a time when a “spokesperson” was a reliable person whom you trusted. I get the impression that the job description has changed to “a manipulative distorter of facts who uses clever words or complicated explanations in such a way that nobody can fully understand it, does not reveal the whole truth, keeps the back door open for stating that it was quoted out of context and never admits anything without adding the words but or however.”.

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