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South African IT salary growth predictions for 2012

South African IT salary growth predictions for 2012

IT salaries in South Africa are likely to stay fairly stable in 2012, despite the strong demand for skilled IT professionals. This is according to IT recruitment specialists from Datafin and CareerJunction.

Datafin director, Lindy Sollinger said that she expects IT professionals in the fields of development, sales and social networking to be in high demand in 2012.

According to Sollinger, IT salaries will not show significant growth in 2012, but she expects developers to be able to demand higher salaries because of the growing demand.

Senior IT management and project managers are expected to have a challenging year when it comes to salaries, said Sollinger.

CareerJunction’s Odile Badenhorst said that IT professionals who are in high demand, but relatively scarce on the job market, will continue to be high-end earners. These professionals include business analysts and software developers.

Badenhorst agreed with Sollinger that salaries are likely to stay stable. “The salary for a specific role will remain the same,” said Badenhorst.

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  • TrueTenacity

    So basically, if you’re in I.T. and want / need a better salary… it might be a good idea to look outside of S.A. for your next position…

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    This article is saying absolutely nothing of value. Give us something that actually means something or we will socially “out” you as the useless garbage spammer that you are on the verge of becoming.

  • Bob

    Pile of useless text. “not much change, but maybe” they pay damn well here in Aus

    • Shukran

      Since you are in ‘stralia, why the hell do you comment on a South African article? When you people run away, please leave totally. Not all of us in SA give a toss about what happens in Perthfontein, those that do will research it, the rest will ignore you ex-saffers.

  • Thanks for sharing with us..Its good for all..

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