ANC Gauteng says party is in crisis and calls on Zuma to “do the right thing”

The ANC in Gauteng have released a statement calling on President Jacob Zuma to “do the right thing” to pull the party out of the “unprecedented crisis” it currently faces.

According to “high level sources”, the Gauteng branch of the ruling party has broken ranks and called for Zuma to step down, News24 reported on Tuesday.

It follows a ruling by the Constitutional Court that the president should adhere to the remedial actions of the public protector and pay back tax payers funds which were used for non-security upgrades worth millions at his Nkandla home.

While the Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee’s official statement stopped short of calling for the president to step down, it did stress that the party was in crisis, which was affecting its prospects for the coming elections – primarily due to Zuma’s handling of the Nkandla issue.

The party said that “the ANC has already paid a prize during the 2014 elections, due to among others, the anger of the electorate about the matter.”

It said Zuma should “reflect deeply” and “do the right thing” – to put the interests and rights of the South African people first.

You can read the full statement below:

ANC Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee media statement

ANC Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) held a Special meeting on Monday, 11th April 2016. The meeting received a detailed report on the decisions of the Extended ANC National Working Committee (NWC) regarding the Constitutional Court judgement.

The PEC welcomed the decision by the NWC for a broader consultation and engagement on its decision within ANC constitutional structures, the Alliance and various sectors of society. Working with ANC Regional Executive Committees (REC’s), the PEC will coordinate a programme to consult widely among ANC constitutional structures, especially branch members.

During these consultation meetings, we will report about the decision of the NWC and seek the views of our members and a broad cross section of sectors of our society.

The ANC is recognized as a central mobiliser, organiser and inspirer of a vast popular mass of progressive organizations and their views are important to us.

We call on all ANC members to exercise maximum discipline by actively participating in this internal consultation process. The outcome of this consultation process will be discussed with the ANC national leadership.

In this regard, The PEC noted and accepted the public apology of President Jacob Zuma. However, the PEC believes that the apology is just the beginning of dealing with the political damage and mistrust caused by the mismanagement of the Nkandla matter.

The PEC believes that the ANC has already paid a prize during the 2014 elections, due to among others, the anger of the electorate about the matter. As the ANC we have to do a deeper introspection and take far-reaching decisions that will repair the damage to our image and to continue to enjoy the confidence and trust of our people.

The PEC reiterated that the ANC has earned its leadership of society through the struggles and sacrifices of its members and supporters over generations. It is in that context that our President comrade Jacob Zuma should reflect deeply and do the right thing to resolve the unprecedented crisis that the ANC currently faces, The ANC has never taken the support of our people for granted and was founded to defend and advance the rights of our people.

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ANC Gauteng says party is in crisis and calls on Zuma to “do the right thing”