Violence will be met with violence: Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema says that the party will not rest nor stop its disruptive ways until president Jacob Zuma resigns – and any violence towards his party will be met with violence in turn.

He was speaking to EFF members and the media after EFF MPs were once again forcibly removed from Parliament on Tuesday.

Riot police were called in to remove the MPs after they refused to let the president continue with a Q&A session in Parliament. The expulsion turned violent as MPs fought back against the police.

There was pushing and shoving and punching – and once the EFF was out, the MPs took fire extinguishers and other objects and threw them at the building.

Malema said violence would be met with violence.

“These bouncers must know that if they give violence, we will respond with violence. We’re not scared; we’re debating in parliament. Anyone who manhandles us must know we’ve got the same capacity,” Malema said.

“No one has a monopoly on violence. This parliament will never be the same.

“Zuma is not our president. The day he breached the constitution, that’s the day he kissed the office of president goodbye.”

The EFF returned to Parliament on Tuesday for the first time since being previously suspended for disruptive behaviour while the House was in session.

Leading up to the Municipal Elections to be held on 3 August 2016, Malema’s rhetoric has become increasingly violent, with threats from the EFF leader to take up arms against the government and to take back land with no compensation.

In response to Malema’s campaigning, the ANC has called him treasonous, and says he should be criminally charged.

The main opposition party, the DA, has condemned the EFF’s disruptive behaviour, saying it impedes MPs jobs to represent their constituents and speak on their behalf in Parliament.

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Violence will be met with violence: Malema