Watch: Video shows “Parliament police” protecting Malema

Opposition party the Democratic Alliance says that it has received reports that EFF leader Julius Malema had two of his personal body guards in Parliament posing as Parliamentary security.

Close analysis of the brawl that broke out in Parliament this week shows a so-called “white shirt” (Parliamentary security) rush toward Malema and defend him against other security officials.

“If these reports are to be believed, and the aforementioned footage seems to support their claim, it is clear that the EFF went into Tuesday’s sitting with an explicit agenda to disrupt the day’s programme and ‘meet violence with violence’ as the EFF leader stated earlier this week,” the DA said.

Parliament is currently investigating these claims and currently formulating charges against the relevant culprits regarding the brawl.

Responding to the DA’s claims, the EFF released a statement calling the party hypocrites – saying it was the DA who had requested that Parliament security be given uniforms so that they can be identified.

“The DA Chief Whip is on record in parliament to have immediately demanded that the Protection Services be given uniform so that they can be identified. Yet today, he claims to know the identities of those who came to assault EFF MPs.”

Moving the conversation away from the allegations of Malema having body guards in Parliament, the EFF said it “knows for a fact” that two men who approached the party were not part of the protection services, but were President Jacob Zuma’s personal body guards moving to remove Malema.

“Zuma is bound by the same rules as the rest of other MPs. It means his bodyguards must not be functional in the house. He must be protected under the rules that protect other Members of Parliament,” the party said.

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Watch: Video shows “Parliament police” protecting Malema