Zuma’s swipe at Malema

 ·26 Jun 2016
Jacob Zuma speaking in Germany

President Jacob Zuma on Saturday said the youth should use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to woo young voters to vote for the ANC.

Speaking at the ANC’s Youth Month rally at Kings Park Stadium, Zuma said the ANC listened to its people.

“The task ahead is to convince all young South Africans to vote for the ANC, you must come up with innovative ways to reach out to young people and speak their language on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms.”

He said the youth must be found in places where the youth hung out like sports fields, car washes, shisanyama’s and other places of entertainment.

“You will be doing this in line with your historic mission to champion the interest of young people whilst mobilising and rallying young people behind the banner and the vision of the ANC,” said Zuma.


He said the ANC cared about the future of the country.

“It is for this reason that the ANC is investing in our youth and investing in education. We are making huge strides in achieving free education at the basic education level.”

He said nine million learners already attended school and ate meals for free in South Africa.

“Thousands benefit from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme so that they can go to universities and training and vocational colleges.”

He congratulated the youth for swelling the ranks of universities and colleges.

“It means you love education… The ANC knows that the youth are frustrated because of jobs and it is for this reason that we are working hard with business and labour to improve the performance of the economy so that it can create jobs for the youth.”

Zuma said government was also encouraging companies to employ all young people so that they could get experience.

“It is frustrating for young people to be told that they cannot get jobs because they do not have experience,” said Zuma adding that government was trying to create opportunities.

Zuma said the Youth League should be an organisation which was for young women and men to meet and exchange ideas.

He said if the ANCYL wants the old guard to give way then it should prove that it was ready to lead.

“It is only when you are armed that we will give way for you to lead,” said Zuma.

He said there were older members of the party that had matured.

“We are very proud of the ANC and we have a recent experience of a man who was said to be a growing dynamic in the ANC. You elected him as a president [of the ANCYL] and today he is the president of an organisation that I don’t know. Imagine if we gave that man a chance to lead, where would we be,” said Zuma giggling in a jibe aimed at EFF leader and former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema.

He said that there was a reason why ANCYL members had to be ready for leadership.

“We are not saying no. We are going to watch if you are mature enough for the positions.”

He told the league to focus on building unity in the movement.

“We need to fight the demons of racism and tribalism which are rearing their ugly heads in our country and mother body.

“The protests and looting, of which some young people are participating in, these are areas you should be demonstrating your leadership.”


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