No more blue lights or fancy parties for politicians in Tshwane: DA mayor

New City of Tshwane mayor Solly Msimanga says his first cost-cutting step will be putting an end to ‘exorbitant’ parties and celebratory dinners for politicians.

Times Media reported that Msimanga has put a stop to all inaugural parties and catered inaugural events for Tshwane’s new executive.

“This new government in Tshwane has stopped the spending of exorbitant amounts on food and parties for politicians. We must serve the people‚ not party with public funds‚” he said.

“My focus now is to assess the massive issues we have inherited in Tshwane‚ and there is no time to stop for lavish dinners and lunches.”

Times Media also reported that Msimanga will request that all international travel for politicians and officials of Tshwane‚ will need to be put through a mayoral committee and will be subject to cost-benefit analyses.

“There are benefits to international travel for trade and investment‚ but a culture of taking trips to conferences and junkets all over the world will not be allowed under my government. I have stopped all new international travel requests and we will carefully scrutinise each one individually‚” Msimanga said on Wednesday.

Msimanga earlier this month, vowed to put an end to blue lights in traffic in the city.

“Blue lights will be a thing of the past in the city. The only person who will have blue lights will be the president of the country,” Msimanga said.

“Gone are the days where publicly-elected officials will think they are VIPs.  The only VIPs will be the people of the city.”

Msimanga said that was to ensure that leaders never get to think they are more important than the people who put them in office.

“The moment people feel like they are more important that’s when they start serving themselves instead of serving the communities. Our officials will also need to be engaging with our communities more instead of only when there are service delivery protests,” he said.

“That is saying to our people that we value you, you are more important and we will come listen to you and we will act on what you are saying.”

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No more blue lights or fancy parties for politicians in Tshwane: DA mayor