“Don’t talk sh** about my boss”: social development minister’s spokesperson

Social development minister Bathabile Dlamini‘s spokesperson, Lumka Oliphant, has come under fire on social media after she warned media to not “talk sh** about” her boss in an expletive-ridden rant on Facebook.

This follows a number of reports by the Daily Sun and Citizen newspapers which claim that Dlamini was under the influence of alcohol when she addressed a recent ANC Women’s League gathering.

The ANCWL is now threatening to lay a complaint against the Citizen with the Press Ombudsman because of what it calls “defamatory allegations”.

“As the ANCWL we call on the Citizen newspaper to be accountable for these defamatory allegations by retracting the article and apologise to the ANCWL President. The ANCWL has enough evidence to prove that the reports were lies, since the event was recorded. Should the Citizen fail to account on the allegations, the ANCWL will take up this issue with the Press Ombudsman,” the group said.

Oliphant took particular exception to the reports, and took to Facebook to truly express her views on the matter. According to the spokesperson, she said she would take “this alcohol matter to the gutter where you (the media) have taken it”.

She said that were it up to Dlamini, South Africans would not be drinking alcohol at all, and there would be no advertising for it.

“You can say whatever you want about her politics when you do not agree with her, I do not mind. I do not care. It is part of the game. But don’t talk sh** about her,” Oliphant said.

The full post is below (translations courtesy of the Daily Sun):

It pours!!

I have been quiet on all the comments on my boss, Minister of Social Development and President of the ANCWL, Bathabile Dlamini.

Yes, she is my boss. I have been quiet because I know myself andiphekekanga ncam. I can tear apart someone and take a Facebook or twitter conversation to the streets. Ndingumntu wetshatshalaza. umthetho wam so ndonqena ukuba krwada. (I don’t mind being confrontational. It’s who I am)

It has also become fashionable that when we talk about what we know about any leader who may be unpopular, we are accused of dancing for our food.

So, today allow me to dance for my food. Above all, allow me to be vulgar.

Any one of you who wish to use this post for your articles, go the f**k ahead! Yes, the f**k ahead.

Let me tell you about the Bathabile Dlamini I know and her attitude towards alcohol. Akabufuni Akabuseli. (She hates alcohol).

If it were up to her, South Africa would not be drinking, there would be no advertising. Akabufuni. So okukunya nihlala nikuthetha, nikubhala is just that – kukunya! (She hates alcohol. So this sh*t you keep on writing about her supposedly boozing is just that – sh**!)

Heard me? Understood me? Kukunya! (Sh**!) There I said it.

One more thing I must tell you, you can say whatever you want to say on her politics when you do not agree with here, I do not mind. I do not care. It is part of the game.

But don’t talk sh** about her. Just know that from today on, I have decided to take this alcohol matter to the gutter where you have taken it.

Ukuba uthe uBathabile uyasela, ndithi mna ngunyoko lowo isfebe selali! Uyakwazi ukumbona umntu onxilileyo ngoba umazela kunyoko! (If you say Bathabile drinks, it is your b*tch of a mom that drinks)

And all of you who know her, your silence is deafening!

Masiyeni ke etshatshalazeni abazivayo!

Yours truly,
Lumka Oliphant


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“Don’t talk sh** about my boss”: social development minister’s spokesperson