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The DA must not play the race card like the ANC, warns Zille

The DA must not play the race card like the ANC, warns Zille

Western Cape premier Helen Zille has warned her colleagues in the Democratic Alliance that they should be wary of adopting the racially divisive tenets of the ANC in a bid to garner more votes.

In a column for the Daily Maverick, Zille went into great detail to contextualise a series of tweets she posted last week, which appeared to ‘defend’ colonialism in South Africa, saying that not all consequences of the process were negative.

Zille tweeted that people claimed that the legacy of colonialism was only negative, but she insisted that there were positive effects as well.

Specifically, the premier said that, thanks to colonialism, South Africa benefited from an independent judiciary, transport infrastructure and other modern social features.

The statements sparked outrage from social media users, who lambasted Zille for ‘defending colonialism’ and implying that native societies would be unable to develop similar or better systems without western influence.

The tweets prompted responses from several DA members, including DA leader Mmusi Maimane and spokesperson Phumzile van Damme, who both said that there was nothing justifiable about colonialism.

The DA said that Zille would face its disciplinary committee over the tweets, and that Zille’s comments were “indefensible”.

Speaking while white

In her Daily Maverick column, Zille said her tweets were in the context of her trip to Singapore, where the country was able to bend its colonialist past into a more productive future for all its people.

However the backlash to her tweets – which she insists were not defending colonialism in any way, merely pointing out that there was an opportunity to build on the things it brought with it – reminded her that white South Africans had to be silent.

“While travel broadens the mind, I tend to forget that, on returning to South Africa, it is best to shrink your mind again to fit the contours of political correctness. Especially if you are white,” Zille said.

“We pay lip service to equal citizenship. In reality, every opinion is judged on the basis of the colour of the person who expresses it. ‘Speaking while white’ is considered the ultimate sin, in terms of the increasingly popular ideology called ‘critical race theory’. ”

Zille said that while she had always known that the ‘radical racial’ angle was part and parcel of the ANC and its rhetoric, she expressed concern that the DA was following suit.

“The real danger is that the DA, in its quest for votes, may start to swallow every tenet, myth and shibboleth of African racial-nationalist propaganda, including the scape-goating of minorities, populist mobilisation and political patronage. Then the institutionalisation of corruption will only be a matter of time.”

“If this were to happen, it will be irrelevant whether we win or lose elections, because we will no longer offer an alternative,” Zille said.

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  • Kath Joubert

    Well said Helen. I agree with you.

  • the-TRUTH

    DA must charge Mme Helen Zille for bringing the DA’s reputation into disrepute and for violating the DA’s social media policy and/or the DA’s federal Constitution. If they are not seen to be acting against case, this could prove to be a curse come the 2019 national elections…

    • Ubaba meet Baba

      I doubt anything she said even infringes the codes, nor that it was racist.
      That said, they can’t go back on their silly knee jerk reaction so they’ll have to charge her and go through the process. Unfortunately for them, all this will do is highlight the absurdity of the charge and the uselessness of pandering to populist rhetoric.

      • OWL

        It is the one reason I have always had my doubts about Maimane, his propensity to speak before he has engaged his brain properly. But as they say, children (and drunkards) always speak the truth, so perhaps he is revealing his true self, with his knee jerk reactions? The dog-walking comment already revealed a lot.

    • OWL

      If the DA take as much as ONE action against Helen Zille, I, and many more, will take our votes elsewhere.
      The persecution of whites for speaking the truth, offending the sensitivities of the feeble and weak-minded, must stop. Enough now. Don’t punish us for YOUR lack of comprehension skills.

    • Hoepla

      You’re probably right regarding the negative effect it may have on the DA in 2019 but your argument completely ignores her point that (as an example – Singapore) a country that was previously colonized can use this to their benefit by building on the positives that flowed from this experience. And by taking this stance it DOES NOT for one moment condone the negative effects (and there are many) of Colonialism.

      • Marc Hugo

        Interestingly, Singapore is superbly run, wealthy, excellently educated, happy, peaceful and has little to no unemployment. It is also not a democracy.

  • chunk

    We South Africans only like to view the facts that suite our narrative. This goes for all.

    • OptimisticPessimist

      Too true… Sadly yours

  • James Dean

    The black population forgets that Helen Zille was once a member of the Black Sash.

    • Marc Hugo

      True. But a chip n the shoulder is a symptom of selective amnesia. And obviously plain common ignorance.

    • Mikhael Rowe

      You can’t say that anymore – it is Sash of Colour.

  • James Dean

    Copy and paste from Sowetan Live, April 2014.

    Things you may not know about Helen Zille

    We all know Helen Zille as the Premier of the Western Cape and leader of the Democratic Alliance(DA), but what else do you know about her?

    – Helen Zille was born in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, the eldest child of parents who separately left Germany in the 1930s to avoid Nazi persecution (her maternal grandfather and paternal grandmother were Jewish).

    – Her father’s uncle was the artist Heinrich Zille.

    – Her mother was a volunteer with the Black Sash Advice Office.

    – She obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Witwatersrand

    – Zille speaks fluent English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and German.

    – Helen is married to Professor John Maree, and together they have two sons, Paul and Thomas.

    – Prior to entering politics, Helen Zille made a name for herself during the apartheid era as a political journalist, working for the Rand Daily Mail, South Africa’s leading liberal newspaper.

    – As a political correspondent for the now defunct Rand Daily Mail, Zille’s journalistic skills helped her uncover the true story behind Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) leader, Steve Biko’s death in 1977, which she discovered were due to police brutality and not natural causes as the government had claimed. The Apartheid government’s reaction to the article was to threaten the Rand Daily Mail with banning and called Zille and her editor, Allister Sparks, before the Press Council. The Presiding Judge of the Council, Justice Oscar Galgut, found both Zille and Sparks guilty of “tendentious reporting” and forced the Rand Daily Mail to make a correction.

    – She resigned from the Rand Daily Mail along with editor Allister Sparks, after the paper’s owner, Anglo American, demanded that Sparks tone down the paper’s equal rights rhetoric.

    – Zille was heavily involved in the Black Sash movement during the 1980s. She served on the regional and national executives of the organisation, and was also vice-chair of the End Conscription Campaign in the Western Cape.

    – During this time she was arrested for being in a “group area” without a permit, and received a suspended prison sentence.

    – Zille and her husband later offered their home as a safe house for political activists during the 1986 State of Emergency, and she was temporarily forced into hiding with their two-year-old son.

    – She knew and was mentored by anti-apartheid figurehead Harry Schwarz since she was a child.

    – Zille was also actively involved in the South Africa Beyond Apartheid Project and the Cape Town Peace Committee. She later gathered evidence for the Goldstone Commission which investigated attempts to destabilise the Western Cape before the elections in 1994.

    – Zille formed a public policy consultancy in 1989 and in 1993 she was offered the position of Director of Development and Public Affairs at the University of Cape Town. During this time Zille also chaired the governing body of Grove Primary School, and in 1996 led a successful challenge against government policy limiting governing bodies’ powers to appoint staff

    – Zille was nominated as one of 820 world mayors and was winner of the 2008 World Mayor award in October 2008. “ Helen Zille is a passionate and very hard-working mayor who has stood up to enormous bullying to push for improved service delivery in her city.

  • Cheesy 3.0

    There is only one Politically Correct ‘truth’ in this age: ‘Whites and everything about them is bad and wrong’.

  • InReality

    Unfortunately the ANC have adopted a special language aimed at the masses and it’s the ONLY language they understand. Not until the masses have been properly educated and all have functioning brains, can one deviate from this language. For now, one has to adapt and speak the same language the masses will understand. Education will come later.

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    So white people are no longer allowed an opinion ?

    • OWL

      Not an intelligent one, for sure.
      We are only allowed to speak “stupid”, ‘s all the idiots can handle.

  • OWL

    “Mind-shrinking” to what extent?
    I refuse to play that game. Step up to my standard, or step out of my life.
    We CANNOT continue pandering to the “sensitivities” of the weak-minded. It is precisely what gave us Jacob Zuma as president, surely THAT is a lesson we have learned?

    • Name

      “Idiocracy” talks about 500 years in the future..But.. I think we are so close to live that reality, The one that vote the rulers in power, are with the lower IQ but higher reproductive ratio..

    • Marc Hugo

      I think she is referring to the need for pandering to those sensitivities in order to be politically correct. She mentions it because it is obviously ethically and logically repugnant to any level headed person because you are pretending things are…when they plainly are not. Getting back to SA is like returning to an intellectual strait-jacket where open discourse is dead. Of course you’re right not to play that game.

  • Rixxi

    Unfortunately it does seem that the more blacks are absorbed into the DA, the more the party line comes to resemble that of the ANC. This was foreseeable, but still very sad nonetheless.

  • Ernst Marais

    Glad to see there is still someone in the DA with balls.

  • brz

    “…on returning to South Africa, it is best to shrink your mind again to fit the contours of political correctness.”

    How elegantly stated, and how true.

  • Marc Eden

    Just curious here. When white farmers are being murdered, where is the outcry. Or when babies are being raped. Seems that being black you can do anything you want,yet a white shares an opinion, gets persecuted for her opinion.

  • Who am i

    Yep. the DA is a racist party. Always said it but the smurf Libs here will defend the DA even when they lose their livelihood.


    • Brian

      SA is a racist country and the DA recognises that and to do otherwise would be political suicide for them. SA doesn’t have a choice other than DA if we want the cANCer out.

    • OWL

      Who am I = A Fumbduck, who thinks because HE is racist, everyone is.
      You see yourself in others, if you opened the borders of your cranium, you may just see that most of us do not give a fig about race, but about integrity and principles.

      • Who am i

        And there you have just caught yourself in a conundrum , the DA does not have integrity and will never poses such values. Right through, from pre DA days, all their leaders were either stealing money, backstabbing one another or to the latest selling the voters out for more votes. Power greed and money. This is why the DA is just as bad as the ANC. Perhaps your peripheral vision is skewed. Do you know who George Sorros is? If not then please do your research before attacking me, if you do then I am not sure why you justify the DA and their practices.

        • OWL

          Yeah right, the AG must be sucking those clean audits out of his…

          • Who am i

            If you believe everything that the AG says, then you are disillusioned. Good luck to you, hope you wake up out your zombie state. Id rather be heading right than keeping left.

          • OWL

            The chips on your shoulder should keep you balanced.

          • Who am i

            Lol, libs usually have a sharp tounge, since they have to hide lies and corruption.

          • OWL

            I am not into labeling like you, but I do recognise the pinball syndrome. Have a great day.

  • BallsToTheWall

    There may be some merit in what you say Helen – but maybe try playing the long game for a change – voters are fickle, sad but true

  • Ray Mulder

    During the apartheid days Helen was the darling of the ANC… Now that they are in power they prove that their so called admiration was nothing more than false pretence… They will not admit how much colonialism has actually helped them to get on course with the rest of the world because this would equate with ‘backwardness’. Life is about the evolution of consciousness and those who deny positive results from this short period in the history of Southern Africa are just proving their lack of understanding of how the world works.
    Maimane, who is a typical preacher, knows very little about real life, and a lot about the fictitious morality of the church… Now he thinks he can run a political party… You have a lot to learn Mr Maimane…

  • Butch

    well said Me Zille – some people have to open their small minds instead of their big mouhts

  • Louis Botes

    Colonialism saved the Khoisan race from extinction for instance. The Zulu’s killed them on sight during their colonization of the KZN coast.

    Not sure if other tribes also hunted them, but history specifically points to the Zulu’s for this crime. Whites protected them from further prosecution.

  • shonzha

    “Would we have had a transition into specialised health care and medication without colonial influence? Just be honest, please.” –Helen Zille

    What a lot of her supporters seem to miss is that she is going beyond merely saying that colonialism left behind infrastructure developments. In asking whether we would have had such, if blacks were not violently oppressed, she is in effect insinuating that without whites blacks would never have been able make any meaningful progress…this is the part of her tweets that smacks of white supremacy.

    • Brian

      No, I disagree. She is simply saying that SA received this knowledge from the colonialists. Period. Would somebody else in SA have invented the same thing? Who knows. Fact is they didn’t. We also got smart phones from the USA (the evil white Steve Jobs). Does it smack of “white supremacy” to say that? It is simply a fact. Would Africa also have come up with it if left alone? What do you think?

      • chunk

        Steve Jobs did not invent the smart phone.

        • Brian

          I didn’t say the cell phone, I said the smart phone. Anyway, that doesn’t really matter in terms of the point I was trying to make.

          • chunk

            He still didn’t invent the smart phone, use that other great white invention google.

        • Brian

          I googled it and you are right. They attribute it to IBM and Bell South with a touch screen that could fax and send email. Basic by todays standards but interesting jus the same.

  • Sam van den Berg

    Spot on Helen. But remember Kohler-Barnard? Explled because some people didn’t understand what “sardonic” means. So is this a Black plot against white leaders in the DA? Is all this Black Pain genuine? Not necessarily. White ambition can paint itself any colour it wants to. Especially if it can speak a Black language perfectlly. Watch your back Maimane — you’re next. as Person X moves the chess pieces in readiness for 2019.

  • koos

    OK so:

    The main language commonly taught and spoken is English – Colonial?
    The sit in parliament in cape town, a house designed and built in 1885 by the British – Colonial?
    The follow laws and procedures developed by the Dutch and British – Colonial?.
    They study mostly at British built Universities using international material mainly in English – Colonial?
    They eat crops the absolute vast majority of which have been introduced to this land by the settlers and British – Colonial?
    They live in modern structures built with bricks and mortar under a tin roof mainly British innovations – Colonial?
    They have piped water and sewage arrangements similar to those developed by the British and European countries – Colonial?
    They drive cars – German invention, watch TV – British invention – speak on phones – American invention, type on PC’s British invention – Colonial?
    They use bank accounts – a British development – Colonial?

    So I ask anyone to dare say that colonialism in its entirety is all bad and to give their express reasons for why they continue to utilize the products, services, structures and knowledge of the “Colonialists”

    • Fanandala

      We will decolonise education and abolish gravity, so whenever you drop something you will need a ladder to get it off the ceiling.

      • Brian


  • RocketBoy

    Bottom line,apartheid is still a sensitive issue no matter how you look at it,i suppose white people will never understand because they were the oppressors,the natives of this country never invited white people to come and better their lives,now this woman has the arrogance to say black people were hopeless and deemed primitive without the so called beneficial modernisational aid from the white man,frankly this type of thinking coming from an iconic leader disturbs me to the point where the cANCer is starting look more forgiving!

    Considering the foundation this country is built upon….

    • Brian

      Trouble is that you are far too sensitive and have been made so by your politicians who are trying to jam a wedge between the race groups in the name of votes. White people well understand that apartheid was a despicable policy. Nobody wants it back. Yet the ANC tries to convince you that the DA wants it back and you don’t recognize the lie. Zille, as with many other whites, were not oppressors. They all fought against apartheid and you need to give her recognition for that fact. It was not easy for her going up against the apartheid government but she did it and fought for equality. How can you say all white people were in favour of apartheid and were oppressors? That just shows your lack of understanding of politics in the days of apartheid. I can give you a very long list of prominent white people who fought against it. The white “colonialists” in Britain fought against it and sports teams were banned from playing overseas. Sanctions were imposted by “white” countries.

      How do you figure Zille is saying “black people were hopeless and deemed primitive”. As I said, your response is emotional and you do not consider the logic of what she said. She simply said that SA inherited some helpful things from colonialism (that implies the Brits). See a list as outlined by Koos just above this post. Now lets all get rid of this racial nonsense and face the challenges of improving South Africa with rational decisions rather than this emotional arguing that the ANC/EFF is trying to instigate. There was a recent article on how they hired a PR company to drive this rhetoric to their own ends. Don’t let them twist your logic through PR campaigns.

    • Fanandala

      Most of Europe was once colonised by the Romans, and Rome brought culture and civilization to some pretty barbaric places, by force, coercion and persuasion. Of course they did not do that for charity but for profit. Most of us never tried all that hard to decolonise, but rather built on the positives of colonialism. We still use vocabularies full of Roman terms ( some professions especially ) and are proud and excited when we find some of their colonial artifacts, or discover new “colonial” writings that describe the life and barbaric customs of our ancestors. Time to grow up and man up. Too many South Africans still have that slave mentality and wallow in victimhood and are trying to extract rent (grants and bussaries ) out it.

    • GeeGee

      Hi there! I understand where you are coming from. However, you and many others are connecting way to few dots to assume that Zille implied, in your words, “black people were hopeless and deemed primitive without the so called beneficial modernisational (sic) aid from the white man” . What she did say via Twitter was “South Africa benefited from an independent judiciary, transport infrastructure and other modern social features.” How can this be even considered as vaguely racist? It’s the same as saying that Muslim colonialists from the Middle East who occupied of the Mediterranean regions of Spain and France brought considerable cultural and technological benefits to those areas. They did – most of them still stand to today and they benefit everybody. Colonialism is not an exclusively European (aka Caucasian) vs. Third Word thing. At some stage all regions were invaded an occupied by people of different colours, religions and cultures.

  • w k

    I was going to say the same hellen

  • Hennie

    I personally believe politicians must be banned from tweets. You only get a certain amount of letters to say something while you need pages of words to explain what you really want to say. Even an intelligent woman like Helen got it wrong.

    • Fanandala

      Obviously you can’t ban them from tweeting, but they should see the problem themselves.

    • Brian

      That is true but we all have to take responsibility for the choices we make.

  • Frank Payne

    I always wonder why the ANC didn’t take a creful look at all the workable infrastructure that existed-catalogue it and then cherry pick areas of shortcomings by studying successful applications around the world and tailor them for local conditions, whilst applying the maintenance and upkeep programmes that existed. Instead they have let all the working infrastructure deteriorate to a point almost beyond redress. We had an opportunity to build excellence by studying excellence elsewhere, which would have taken us to an enviable world leadership position as a modern society and economy, instead of the third world disaster we are rapidly approaching. There is nothing worse than having management carried out by people who don’t know that they don’t know and unfortunately at present we have many of them.

  • MP3

    “While travel broadens the mind, I tend to forget that, on returning to South Africa, it is best to shrink your mind again to fit the contours of political correctness. Especially if you are white,” Zille said.

    Truer words never been spoken!

  • Brian

    Of course she is right. The ANC/EFF have driven this divisive, emotional racial angle that is currently damaging South Africa all in the name of votes. We can no longer have an intellectual discussion about realities without hands being thrown up in emotional anger spurred on by racial rhetoric from those clinging to power. This is an unfortunate direction for SA to take.

  • Giant

    She is absolutely right. There is not a nation on this earth that can deny their history or wipe it out in any way, ask the Germans. That would be pure foolishness. History is both good and bad. Nobody denies that colonialism was wrong and that it was the bad part of our history. Nonetheless, it happened and it won’t magically disappear because nobody mentions it. It is undeniable that it did advance civilization as it exposed the inhabitants of this country to inventions and progress that may have taken them decades to progressed to themselves, if ever, would they not have been exposed to it through contact with other nations. Please remember that there were blacks and whites in this country during the colonial era and I include all of them under the above statement. It is time for all South Africans to get over our past. I’m so sick of this race thing. Isn’t it strange how Colonialism etc are always blamed for everything that is wrong with this country, but how the Colonialist bursaries and Universities are good enough to provide a free education for the complainants? Wasn’t it the colonialists who harbored ANC cadres and instituted economic sanctions against the Apartheid government during the struggle? I guess, nobody remembers that. Seems some people also don’t know that part of history where the white boer population as well as black people fought side by side to free this country from its English Colonial oppressors. “White” is not a synonym for colonial. If the white people whose farms were burned to ashes and whose women and children died in numbers in colonialist concentration camps, could get over it and move on, so can the rest of us. It is time to move on people, get over it.

    • Hoepla

      Spot on!

    • MP3

      of course, but you forget just how much black people hate white people… with that amount of hate no reconciliation will ever be possible…. also it doesn’t help that the ANC and EFF spend most of their waking hours sowing divisions between the races…

      • Giant

        I don’t think one can generalize and say it is about blacks hating whites. The problem, as you correctly stated, is politics and the perpetual jockeying to stay or become the ruling party. What people on the ground don’t realize is that this is not a race to rule to the benefit of those being ruled, but in order for self enrichment and to rob the state fiscus as the ANC has proved to have done since they’ve been governing. Neither the ANC nor the EFF have the welfare of all South Africans at heart. They have their own agendas. The problem is, and I’m including most of those sitting in parliament in this statement, that it is the blind trying to lead the blind. Incompetence and ignorance are rampant. What we need in this country is not a democracy, but a geniocracy. We need intelligent, competent geniuses, whatever color they are, to come up with solutions to resolve the complex issues of this nation and to put those plans into actions. We need experts in all fields to fill posts in the cabinet and not the President’s cronies who don’t know their heads from their asses. The problem with giving the uneducated masses voting rights, is that they believe all the empty promises and handouts with which their loyalty is being bought come election time. In my opinion it is to the ruling party’s benefit to keep the masses poor and uneducated as the latter believe all the lies election after election. Until this changes, nothing will change in this country and we will continue to slowly head downhill like the rest of Africa.

        • Erlo Muhl

          We have to try and make the voters realize they are being taken for a ride by people without a heart for them actually. Pocket fillers more than rulers of a nation.

      • Brian

        I don’t think that black people hate whites. It is the agitators who want political power (ANC/EFF and others) who try to stir things up. I have plenty of interaction with black people and I think the majority of them are great (you always get a few bad apples just like any other race group). We just have to recognize that we have some racists in all race groups.

    • Erlo Muhl


  • Nero55

    The reality is Colonialism deprived the original African people of finding their own way to a unique way of life. It forced the African people to adopt foreign powers rules and regulations so as the British government will pilfer resources and money as much as possible.
    Colonialism had a terrible, disastrous effect. You cannot argue that because it brought infrastructure, a judiciary, or technology and therefore is good. Trade existed prior to colonialism, and as history has shown across the world, those cultures gain knowledge and expertise through trade.
    Apartheid just took it to a whole new level.
    To try and remove colonialist history now, will be akin to taking an axe and trying to remove an overgrown tumour from an already half dying animal, that is why we keep it. But we see everyday, people trying to find an identity, something that is ‘African’.

    • Makulu Nyoka

      The reality is that the original African people have lived their own unique way of life for at least the last six thousand years without any outside influence or change at all.

      Suddenly, about six thousand years ago, there was a sudden blossoming of knowledge in Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, Asia and Europe which led to many wonderful ideas, inventions and buildings such as the wheel, plough, writing,
      irrigation and pyramids.

      As regards trade, Southern Africa is a great big empty page because the only records that exist date from the eighteenth century when the hunters, explorers and missionaries began to make notes and the only things that they recorded were the desolation, burnt out villages and death resulting from the raids of Shaka, Mantatisi, Mzilikazi and others. There appears to have been no trade in the normally accepted ways.

      A little further north, in the old Nyasaland and the eastern part of Northern Rhodesia there was actually a brisk trade in slaves which various warring chiefs had shipped to the Arab slave traders on the east coast for the last thousand years or so. The same trade occurred all the way up east Africa with slaves being traded from Zanzibar. In west Africa the trade in slaves was also brisk from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries when public opinion in England, Europe and America brought it to a close.

      Without colonialism, the sub-continent would today be no different to what it was six thousand years ago with all the minerals still lying underground and valueless, no crops and a population crippled by disease and only about 5% of the size that it is today.

  • Brian Byrne

    At the time of the battle of Ulundi which marked the end of the Zulu driven black genocide, the interior of present SA was largely depopulated and sparsely occupied by the few survivors of the Zulus. When the four colonies joined to become the Union of south Africa the total population was about four million.

    Among the legacies of colonialism were medicine, sanitation, health facilities and cures for many endemic diseases, all of which allowed the population to explode to over fifty million within a century.

    I am really interested to know why the pc brigade would consider them bad.

  • Giant

    No single political party is going to be the saviour of South Africa. We have to stand together, all the colors, and make it happen ourselves. The entire parliament is incompetent and should all be fired. All they do is call each other names on national television. They can’t agree on one single thing to better the lives of our people and do something positive about the crime and murders that “we, the people” are living with on a daily basis.

    • Erlo Muhl

      This is exactly where our problem lies. Only working together and scrapping these Racist comments can save our country and create some success if people would only open their Eyes like Zille tries to do. People must bury their ineptness and lose their “minority complexes” if they want some growth in our country

  • South_One

    What hypocrisy. Extolling liberalism through the successes of the Singapore dictatorship, criticising racial policies in the DA when it was Zille that started them in earnest.

    She knows what she did was stupid, and now she calls a prospective sanction against her corrupt. It’s called blackmail Helen, I hope the DA has the bravery to see through it.

  • Greg

    100 s of racist and idiotic comments made by the Anc daily and now they are up in arms about this ? Pathetic !!

  • Ab Irato

    The unfortunate truth is that whites are used by blacks in their organisations until they get what they want then the whites get purged. The ANC have been purging their white ministers for a while now and the DA started doing that too. These dumb liberals will never learn…

    • Who am i

      @OWL you can learn something from the above comment.

  • Erlo Muhl

    Only working together and scrapping these racist comments can save our country and create some success if people would only open their eyes like Zille tries to do. People must bury their ineptness and lose their “minority complexes” if they want some growth in our country.

  • Visionery1 .

    Well said, Helen! An attempt to garner votes was my thought as well when your colleague Mmusi Maimane condemned your statements about the benefits of colonialism… I now see him in a new light. It seems free speech no longer applies to the white ‘man’ in South Africa, they need to walk on egg shells, weighing up each word before uttering it, an extremely tiring scenario. I had a partner like that once, the emphasis being on “had”. It seems DA is now the abbreviated form of ANC.

  • Cheesy 3.0

    Mmusi Maimane: The sheep in sheep’s clothing.

    Why hypocrisy by Maimane. Saying colonialism had absolutely no positive benefit is like saying that Christianity was only ever ‘good’. Clearly it wasn’t, but like colonialism, it shaped the world we live in today. Will Maimane say anything about the horrific crimes that were committed in the name of his religion? How can you say colonialism was all bad and fail to acknowledge that your very own religion – something that you espouse everyday – also had it’s bad points? They both had good and bad results in their application.

    No doubt, most rational minds will immediately understand that colonialism like Christianity (or most other religions) have had good and bad consequences. Yet here is Maimane pandering to the irrational – those deluded nutcases who insist that everything colonial was bad, everything white thus by implication, is bad. Is Maimane willing to appease the irrational, to validate the irrational, in the hope of garnering a few votes? it certainly seems so and if so, this man can clearly not be the leader of a freedom party. How can he if he acts no differently to the clearly irrational ANC and EFF?

    Maimane is a ‘multiculturalist’ of convenience only – as long as you toe the party line and don’t ‘speak white’ as Zille said. Can he be trusted to look after minority interests, or will he be holding the butcher’s knife if ever a popular uprising against the whites comes about?

    I’m afraid Maimane has shown his true colours here. He will betray the whites, if it is the popular thing to do. He will not stand up for a minority, especially it that minority is a white and that white speaks things that are unpopular but true. A true leader will say things that are difficult to hear, even if they are unpopular. But here we have Maimane taking the easy populist route and appeasing the masses. He is not a good leader.

    He is a sheep in sheep’s clothing.

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