A shocking number of South African ministers are behind on their rent

The Department of Public Works and Infrastructure says that 43 past and returning government ministers are currently in arrears with rental payments on their ministerial houses.

Responding in a recent parliamentary Q&A session, minister of Public Works Patricia De Lille said that letters for payment arrangements have been sent to these ministers, but that a large number have still not paid.

She added that if arrangements are not made and payments have not been received the account will be handed over to the state attorney for debt collection.

While De Lille did not provide the names of the ministers and deputy ministers in arrears, she did provide a list of the amounts owed by each individual, with the total outstanding amount coming to just over R1.3 million.

You can find this complete list of amounts owed outlined below.

# Position Amount owing Paid since
1 Former minister R64 272.37 R0.00
2 Former minister R5 042.42 R0.00
3 Former minister R2 108.35 R0.00
4 Former minister R66 564.35 R0.00
5 Former minister R7 709.58 R0.00
6 Former deputy minister R3 134.47 R0.00
7 Former deputy minister R595.92 R0.00
8 Former minister R51 273.73 R0.00
9 Former minister R17 457.45 R0.00
10 Former deputy minister R145.94 R0.00
11 Former deputy minister R505.62 R0.00
12 Former minister R805.71 R0.00
13 Former deputy minister R839.37 R0.00
14 Former deputy minister R1 685.68 R0.00
15 Former deputy minister R4 990.06 R0.00
16 Former deputy minister R5 089.05 R0.00
17 Former deputy minister R11 427.21 R0.00
18 Former deputy minister R22 891.79 R0.00
19 Former minister R41 505.31 R0.00
20 Former deputy minister R69 365.92 R0.00
21 Former minister R73 503.58 R0.00
22 Former deputy minister R74 323.99 R0.00
23 Former minister R144 165.92 R0.00
24 Former deputy minister R34 753.13 R0.00
25 Deputy minister R63 329.07 R0.00
26 Former minister R61 396.00 R0.00
27 Deputy minister R14 444.62 R0.00
28 Deputy minister R9 994.77 R3 000.00
29 Minister R9 348.03 R3 602.46
30 Deputy minister R412.83 R0.00
31 Deputy minister R47 054.24 R0.00
32 Minister R16 105.43 R0.00
33 Deputy minister R40 834.20 R0.00
34 Minister R16 768.52 R0.00
35 Deputy minister R48 823.62 R2 966.70
36 Deputy minister R21 031.69 R0.00
37 Deputy minister R21 776.63 R2 732.37
38 Minister R15 028.30 R0.00
39 Minister R58 949.45 R3 602.46
40 Deputy minister R38 058.24 R0.00
41 Deputy minister R65 475.93 R0.00
42 Minister R39 043.01 R0.00
43 Minister R12 163.63 R0.00
Total R1 304 195.11

These homes are typically provided to ministers alongside other perks such as security features, domestic workers and even DStv in terms of government’s ministerial handbook.

However, the Department of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) has recently indicated that it is looking to drastically cut these perks as part of ongoing cost-saving measures.

The DPSA said that the revisions form part of the new ‘Guide for the Members of the Executive’ which replaced the old Ministerial Handbook in June 2019.

“On 16 October 2019, the Guide was presented to Cabinet and a revised document is being finalised for presentation to the President before the end of the week,” it said.

“Once the Guide for Members of the Executive is approved by the President, it will be made publicly available.”

The DPSA said that some of the main areas relating to the review include:

  • Reduced staffing in ministerial offices;
  • The amount that members of the executive are allowed to spend on vehicles (capped at R700,000);
  • All domestic travel will be on economy class tickets;
  • There will no longer be payment for subsistence and travel for both domestic and international trips on these levels;
  • Reduced costs associated with the occupation of State-owned Residences;
  • Reduced security upgrades at private residences;
  • Reduced domestic Services at official residence;
  • A new cell phone dispensation that will cap the amount claimable from the state;
  • Reduced benefits to members upon relinquishing office.

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A shocking number of South African ministers are behind on their rent