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E-toll strike to continue

E-toll strike to continue

The Congress of SA Trade Unions has vowed to press ahead with a strike against toll fees in Gauteng, despite Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announcing lower tariffs in his budget speech on Wednesday.

“We are not cash cows that can be held up on behalf of foreigners who want to make money off us by using our public goods,” Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi told SABC news.

He was responding to Gordhan’s announcement that a special R5.8 billion appropriation had been included in the 2011/12 budget to ease the toll burden in Gauteng.

The new fees would see drivers of ordinary vehicles pay 30 cents a kilometre, instead of 66 cents as originally planned. Vavi said this was not good enough.

“The strike continues on the 7th of March and we probably will have another strike by the 30th of April, the day that he [Gordhan] says they will start introducing or enforcing this e-toll gate in Gauteng. We will not compromise.”

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  • McTSA

    I agree with the call for a strike… so long as it is non-violent and civilised.

  • Agreed! We will protest this till the end of time!!!

  • freeze

    Viva COSATU Viva! I think Pravin got this one wrong. The government has underestimated the normally apathetic South African public.

  • Medibooze

    The money has got to come from somewhere. No matter how much we fight it, somehow we WILL end up paying for it.

    At least we are starting to see compromises being made I.e the monthly capping and price/km reductions.

  • Vavi’s comments in trying to blame foreigners for this etoll will lead to xenophobic attacks considering his highly visible leadership positions and the high esteem he is held by the people who are most prone to participate in xenophobic attacks. On the etoll itself the funny thing is the majority of people who are going to strike are nor going to pay etolls since the majority of them use public transport which is exempt from etoll fées.

    • Sha majlis

      They know that the food that they need gets transported via those tolls. Who do you think is going to pick up the cost? Yes the consumer, whether you drive a car or not.

      Sha Majlis

  • Nyan

    I don’t see how people can both complain about bad roads in South Africa, and complain about toll fees. I know the money probably isn’t being spent entirely efficiently, but we need to pay for better roads.

  • Curbs007

    Another couple of days where our economy will be taking a massive hit to productivity. I am all for a protest against the tolls and I am hoping this will happen without any incidents.

    Just wondering tho, would peopl be willing to pay anything at all in terms of a toll fee? Considering that the tolls have already been reduced, is there an amount that we would deem acceptable? Or are we just against it completely?

  • Jon_D7

    I agree that the new revamped highways are fantastic and consequently money needs to be raised to continue paying for their maintenance, but 30c/km is still a bit of a kick in the pants – especially for S&M business owners.

  • Modise Sikhosana

    According to Pravin the government is going ahead anyway strike or no strike !

  • Darren Cohen

    I believe the apprehension of doing away with the etolling system is due to commitments made to the administrators of the system, be it local or international. Surely an easier way to collect the funds needed would be to increase the fuel levy, thereby negating the needs for tolls.

  • Nelly Nnadozie

    We will fight till the end. Even those using public transport will have to pay extra when transport fees increase. Majority of the peolpe living in SA are still below the poverty belt and will be hit hard. When fuel increases so dose food etc and now etoll will have an impact on everyone except those walking, using horse,bicycle. We mught as well follow the europeans whom walk and use boats and bicycles to get around.

  • tiekie

    Serious people… think! lets say they theu introduce a 1C per kilometer just to get our support, they will then increase this ammout yearly and before you know it 3 years down the line you pay 66c anyway.

    Its not just about the 30c charcg but food and other stuff will increase very much so you will pay
    your toll plus the extra fees on food and appliances as well

    this is wrong and should never be introduced

  • Nirenhariparsad

    i think this government is really messed up people are starving already they are trying to kil the working class cause they only care about their pockets and not the people

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