Gupta coal company rejects Zuma family links

Oakbay Investments director Nazeem Howa has hit out at the Sunday Times after a report that he labelled as “factually bankrupt” on Sunday.

The Sunday Times reported that an investigation has discovered that a Gupta mine failed a coal quality test four times before landing the multibillion-rand deal on the fifth attempt.

In a press statement, Howa lashed out at the publication, insisting that their article and editors comments confirmed the adage that “one should not let the facts get in the way of publishing a good story”.

“Today’s editor’s comment makes very serious factual errors in its attempt to link the Gupta family to the Presidency.”

“It claims one of the President’s wives is employed within the group. None of the President’s wives are currently employed by the group.

“It states as fact that the Gupta’s paid for the house of the President’s wife when this is factually untrue.

“It states “two of Zuma’s children have big jobs with Gupta firms” which is again, factually untrue

It claims we are supplying Eskom with sub-standard coal – again, the daily testing at Eskom-controlled labs will prove this to be untrue. The discrepancy in quality only came up in August 2015, despite daily testing.

Howa went on to say that the lead story had “little reference” to fact.

“The Sunday Times again tries to place the Gupta family in the middle of its reporting.  Oakbay Investments, the family’s primary vehicle, holds less than 50% of the shareholding in Tegeta.  So to place the Gupta’s in the headline is once again mischievous and misleading.”

“It is also worth noting that Oakbay is run by a team of competent and professional managers.  It is insulting and demeaning to the Oakbay management team or that of any of its subsidiaries when media constantly refer to the family in the decision-making,” he said.

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Gupta coal company rejects Zuma family links