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Smart tech for a better lifestyle – tips for home owners and businesses

Home and office technologies are now smarter than ever before. Not only are they simplifying our daily lives, they are also transforming the way we work and live.

Everything from entertainment and appliances to security, heating and lighting systems are now all interconnected and accessible from one’s smart phone or tablet.

Looking to make your home just a little smarter?

Homeowners and business executives can now use a phone to arm a security system, control temperature gauges, switch appliances on or off and control lighting.

While still in its infancy, the number of smart home technologies is rapidly growing.

There are already a range of affordable smart technologies to enhance the home for a better lifestyle, ranging from intelligent energy saving eco-friendly cooling systems to sophisticated wireless communications.

More businesses and domestic consumers are turning to alternative energy sources to escape the high and seemingly ever-increasing tariffs.

There are a range of certified electrical solutions and alternative power solutions ranging from supportive supply to standalone back-up solutions to grid tie solar systems, generators, UPS and solar.

Bertie Strydom, managing director of BT-SA, one of South Africa’s leading ITC Infrastructure companies, says all designs should be based on efficiency and safety and are purpose-specific.

“We offer accredited, professional electrical design, installation and maintenance services for both commercial and industrial applications.

“Comprehensive testing and inspection performed to establish the safety of installations.”

Another tip is to out-smart intruders by preventing break-ins before they happen.

Unlike traditional detection systems, modern alarms put deterrence at the forefront, to prevent breaking instead of react upon it.

Take control of your system easily from your smartphone and stay connected to home.

“BT-SA specialises in perimeter security that includes physical and electric fencing, fibre optic, microwave and thermal intrusion detection.

“Some of the latest HD CCTV cameras on the market today cater for thermal, ultrasonic, microwave, photo-electric, gas and vibration detection and can be monitored remotely from your cellphone,” he says.

To enhance your smart home or business even more, a wireless communication solution is imperative.

Ensure that the wireless solutions are tailor-made to fit one’s specific requirements, connecting all electronic devices on one network.

Also allow for upgrades and expansions to the specific building or home.

“We recommend a comprehensive network survey before you even start planning, to design and install the best network to suite your needs, both indoor and outdoor.

“Our qualified network technicians are equipped with all the latest technology and training to deliver any project within a record turnaround time,” says Strydom.

Lastly, BT-SA advises that when one installs any cooling system on the premises, whether it is at home or at one’s business, one should always consider precision cooling that ensures intelligent energy saving, guaranteeing temperatures within the targeted environment.

“Remember to always ask your installer about the maintenance of any cooling system.

“Our service level agreements are simple, measurable and realistic to manage no matter what industry it is applied to,” he concludes.

For more information, email [email protected] or visit or contact BT-SA on 0860 105 183.

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Smart tech for a better lifestyle – tips for home owners and businesses