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Meltwater’s media influencer database now available in South Africa

Global media intelligence provider, Meltwater, recently announced that the scope of its proprietary influencer database software has been expanded to include South Africa and Kenya.

Effective influencer marketing – which involves leveraging influential content producers to drive brand exposure – demands precision in its targeting.

South Africa’s newfound access to the software means that local corporates will be able to scan the country’s media landscape and identify specific journalists and bloggers who are capable of advancing their own marketing objectives.

Profiling and connecting with influencers

The database is said to include over 8,000 influencers across the continent, and a further 360,000 internationally, all of whom are searchable by name, location, or the topic of their content.

The software not only aims to enhance discoverability of these influential figures, but is designed to streamline the connecting and relationship building aspect of the process as well.

Each influencer profile contains a descriptive bio, contact numbers, office and email addresses, focal content areas, recent publications, and a link to the individual’s LinkedIn profile.

South African technology sector

The potential implications of the software for South Africa’s bourgeoning tech scene could include a shift toward a more balanced distribution of press between startups and established names, as smaller ventures become increasingly capable of seeding their own content en masse.

The International Data Corporation predicts that IT spending in South Africa will top $26.6 billion in 2016, with organisations “embracing digital transformation initiatives in a bid to streamline their costs and bolster their flexibility.”

As more global companies like Meltwater expand their services across Africa, social media monitoring tools, big data solutions, and a variety of other digital resources are likely to be adopted by local businesses in order to stay competitive.

This article was published in partnership with Meltwater.

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Meltwater’s media influencer database now available in South Africa