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How to get a new Mercedes-Benz every 3 years

You’ve seen the Agility offers before, but what is it and how do you as a car buyer benefit?

Mercedes-Benz Agility Finance offers you the flexibility to upgrade to a new Mercedes-Benz every 36 months, with lower vehicle finance repayments and no trade-in risks.

Every IT individual deserves to be seen behind the wheel of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, and this is possible with Agility offers.

With Agility, Mercedes-Benz South Africa offers you the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) of your vehicle.

This guarantees you the future value of the vehicle with 0% risk, which in return also offers a lower monthly repayment.

On the 36-month contract you get to drive the latest Mercedes-Benz sooner and more frequently than before.

When you reach the end-of-term period, Agility offers one of the following 3 options:

  • Re-order: By trading your vehicle in for a new model, you will be protected from negative equity, and any positive equity can be used towards your new vehicle purchase.
  • Refinancing GFV/Ownership by settling GFV: Simply pay or refinance the guaranteed future value amount and keep/own the vehicle.
  • Return: Hand back the keys with no further obligations – other than any Excess Kilometre charges and Unfair Wear and Tear.

What this looks like in practice

If you have been presented a Prime -2% pre-approved finance offer from your private banking institution, you could choose an Agility prime +1 product with a lower monthly repayment.

No one could offer you a better deal, as you happily drive off with your brand new Edition C.

You can also look forward to be in a new vehicle in three years’ time, with the benefit of having extra cash on hand every month.

If you have budgeted a certain value to spend on a vehicle per month, Agility will enable you to afford the vehicle of your dreams (with all the extras your heart desires) that you could not afford on any other finance agreement.

For more information, visit the Mercedes-Benz Agility Finance website.

The video below shows the Agility Finance calculator in action.

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How to get a new Mercedes-Benz every 3 years