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The easiest, most innovative way to bank – FNB banking app’s new features

FNB has launched innovative, customer-centric digital solutions on its banking app, making banking easier, paperless, and queue-free.

As a leader in banking innovation, FNB’s fully-integrated digital platform can be used on many devices, offering personalised products at the push of a button.

The app meets the needs of both business and retail customers, and delivers a seamless, advanced account opening process that makes switching accounts easier.

The app also features smart self-service solutions, digital money management options to improve financial health, and credit card functionality that allows customers to courier and track card delivery on the FNB app.

The new features available on the latest version of the FNB app are listed below.

Switch with a Selfie

Customers can now open an account within minutes by taking a selfie in the FNB app, with identity verification done through the Department of Home Affairs. This allows for frictionless onboarding through biometric facial verification on the app.

Users can also order and schedule courier delivery of new bank cards, switch debit orders, and set up digital banking immediately using the in-app messaging system and calendar to select a date and time for their card to be delivered.

All verification using the system is paperless, removing the need for proof of address and ID document scans.

nav>> Money

Another new feature is nav» Money, which allows customers to better manage their monthly spend – from tracking upcoming payments, to monitoring their overall income and expenses.

Users can access an updated view of their financial health based on three simple views:

  • Track my spend – This lets customers know whether they are spending more than they are earning and provides spend tips to manage their cash flow better.
  • My available funds – This lets customers know what’s left to save and spend after all known upcoming payments. FNB takes all scheduled payments and debit orders into consideration. If users experience a shortfall, they can access other funds available like eBucks, savings, and credit – all in one place.
  • My credit status – FNB assess various data, including internal information and credit bureau records, to rate a customer’s credit fitness across seven helpful indicators. Users learn what they’re doing right, and where they could improve, with personalised tips on late payments, credit limit usage, track record, and more.

eBucks Travel

eBucks Travel, which will be available soon on the FNB banking app, will incorporate a fully-fledged travel solution that allows FNB customers to book a flight, hire a car, book airport transfers with Avis P2P, access the Slow Lounge, and more.

Users will be able to compare flights across multiple airlines and pay using eBucks, their FNB card, or a combination of both. They will also be able to create profiles for friends and family they often travel with to avoid needing to remember and repeatedly fill in those details.

Customers will be able to make seamless, secure payments without the need to enter card details or a one-time pin (OTP) through FNB Pay on the FNB banking app, minimising the risk of phishing.

FNB Offers

As part of an ongoing strategy of personalising rewards based on a customer’s unique banking behaviour, eBucks Rewards will also launch FNB Offers an instant rewards programme designed to surprise and delight customers with instantly-redeemable eBucks or discounted partner vouchers for performing everyday banking tasks.


FNB will also launch more payment options tailored to suit customer needs. These include:

  • FNB Pay Scan to Pay – This will allow businesses and retail customers to scan a QR code and make a payment directly from their FNB banking app. FNB Business will also have the ability to present a QR Code for payment acceptance.
  • FNB Pay Checkout – This will allow the customers to seamlessly and securely perform eCommerce payments at any FNB eCommerce Merchant platform supporting this feature.
  • Wearable Contactless Payments – This will allow customers to make secure payments at any contactless pay point simply by tapping their compatible smart wearable device.

“These evolving and innovative digital solutions have been introduced as a result of our continuous assessment of our customers’ needs, and our drive to adapt their services to meet these needs,” states FNB. “Our main objective was to offer an evolving, fully-integrated digital banking platform that fits seamlessly into the lives of customers, making their banking easier.”

For more information, visit the FNB website.

This article was published in partnership with FNB.

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The easiest, most innovative way to bank – FNB banking app’s new features