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EquityRT launches its Market Analysis Platform in South Africa – the right tool for the job

 ·30 Jul 2018

Market volatility has become one of the realities of today due to the rapidly changing economic, political and technological landscape. This has resulted in a constant search for optimum solutions to manage risk and return.

Unstructured data continues to grow like an avalanche, bringing the importance of access to quality data to the forefront. Business and finance professionals now find themselves faced with the challenging task of selecting the “right tool for the job”. This is true whether you are an investment professional analysing the market, a consultant advising business strategy, or a student completing an assignment.

EquityRT market analysis platform

With a strategic intent to bridge the gap in the market between the premium financial data solutions and the smaller data vendors; EquityRT understands the conundrum faced by businesses and has launched an office in South Africa.

As an established financial markets research platform, EquityRT focuses on providing solutions that “make business sense” and allows businesses to analytically empower more people in their teams. Moreover, in the age of big data and to avoid some of the complexity, the EquityRT platform delivers accurate financial markets and fundamental data through simple user friendly interfaces.

Future-ready solutions for Africa

EquityRT began its operation in Turkey two decades ago, and its close exposure both to Europe and the developed and developing markets in the EMEA region, enables the company to rapidly enter new markets and gain acceptance.

“Since day one, EquityRT has been focusing on providing the most accurate and timely data along with dynamic analytical tools to financial professionals.”says Orkun Barin, CEO of EquityRT. He adds, “We have been improving our quality and performance standards in these years, creating a diverse portfolio of clients from Europe, Africa and Middle East. Our vision for the future is to gradually expand our international presence and become a trusted partner to the finance community worldwide.”

“The implementation of modern cutting-edge systems, has enabled speed, flexibility, and robustness of our solutions, while allowing for the rapid evolution of our offerings – be it our peer analysis capability or integration into everyday business tools such as Microsoft Excel,” says Vijen Surjooram who is heading up EquityRT in South Africa. “Where there is volatility, there is change – and as the environment changes, so do customer needs, which is why our solutions have to be dynamic and agile.”

With the company aiming to actively continue its global expansion plans, focus is now set on the South African and Sub Saharan African region.

For more information, visit the EquityRT website, and watch the video below.

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