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Why you should improve your printer security

 ·26 Oct 2018

Hackers and virus creators are consistently coming up with new ways to gain access to business networks.

As a result, many companies have implemented significant network security measures to protect themselves from digital attacks.

Unfortunately, these measures often do not extend to printer networks, since these are seen to be less significant by many network administrators.

However, these under-protected networks are exactly what malignant digital actors are looking for in their attempts to enter and attack your business’s digital systems.

Print networks are often left exposed

In a survey of over 300 IT professionals, 23% were found to be leaving data on their printing networks vulnerable to being read if intercepted. Additionally, 91% of visual hacking attempts were found to be successful in global trials run by the Ponemon Institute.

Once your printing network has been breached, viruses and hackers can often gain access to the rest of your business network and can also intercept the printing jobs being sent to your printer.

This means that hackers and viruses see printing networks as a practical route to gaining access to your business network and accessing your company’s private information. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you keep your printing network secure from bad actors.

HP keeps your network secure

In 2016, the IDC predicted that 33% of all organisations will be engaged in a contract with a print security vendor by 2019.

HP has been a leading player in the printing market for decades, and the company is at the forefront when it comes to print security solutions.

HP’s printers are designed to stop attacks as soon as they begin with a four-pronged defence system.

  • Continuous monitoring utilises the HP Connection Inspector to detect attacks happening within the memory of the printer as well as any suspect outbound requests. This defence mechanism will then force a reboot to initiate any necessary repairs.
  • HP Sure Start ensures that no malicious code is executed during the reboot process while simultaneously healing the BIOS.
  • All firmware is whitelisted, meaning that any unauthentic HP code in memory is discovered and dealt with accordingly.
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager checks the device’s security settings and fixes any issues during a reboot.

HP offers a broad selection of secure printers that caters to business needs. Visit the HP website to learn more about how their security solutions can keep your printing network safe.

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