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How to make debit orders work for you

When thinking of debit orders, you may think that they were put in place to benefit banks and other service providers. At Corporate Collect, our first priority is the person whose bank account is debited every month.

What is Corporate Collect?

Established in 1999 as Pwallet by Colyn Serfontein, Corporate Collect is a debit order platform that features automated debit order collections, pre-run AHV services and a state of the art White Label SO platform. The White Label SO platform caters to large debit order processors. Corporate Collect is rated as one of the best debit order companies in South Africa.

How you can benefit from debit orders as a business

Debit orders don’t only have to be to the benefit of banks and service providers. You too can save money and time with Corporate Collect’s unique system.

  • Corporate Collect offers automated scheduling. This means all your debit orders run on a predefined schedule and, should a debit order date fall over a weekend or public holiday, the Corporate Collect system will automatically move the debit orders to the next banking day. You don’t even have to lift a finger.
  • You can run multiple debit orders on one client’s profile. For example, gyms can collect monthly subscription fees as well as the annual debit order for maintenance. The system is ideal for security companies who collect monthly fees and annual radio license fees as well as the once off installation fee.
  • Clients can now pre-approve debit orders before they are deducted from their bank accounts. Thanks to the new DebiCheck system, clients will receive an SMS or in-app pop-up message on their banking apps asking for confirmation. This is ideal if you want to stop the infamous R99 fishing expeditions. If a debit order is also pre-authorized, it means that it is more resilient against write-backs. This guarantees better cash flow and higher success rates.
  • Corporate Collect has an exclusive product Marketplace. Companies that underwrite products that are sold via call centres or companies with franchises, can now sell their products via our market place. Payments are automatically split between the underwriter, product owner, franchiser owner, and the seller. This means that the underwriter, product owner, and franchisor will never be out of pocket as their portions are split off and paid upon collection from the client.
  • Corporate Collect offers white label solutions for clients. This allows the client to run their debit orders directly through the bank by means of our unique software. The advantage is that you will benefit from Corporate Collect’s bulk debit order rates. Did you know that current ABSA clients immediately qualify for a 30% decrease in debit order dispute fees? If you switch over to the Corporate Collect SO platform and continue to bank with ABSA, you also qualify for lower item fees.
  • Corporate Collect is the only debit order company in South Africa that offers franchising opportunities. For only R495,000, you can have your own Corporate Collect franchise and target businesses in your area. Increase your income by selling the Corporate Collect white label solution and the third-party payment processor platform. Your income will grow as your clients’ monthly debit order volumes increase. For more info, contact Jacques Serfontein on 082 556 3705 or email [email protected].

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This article was published in partnership with Corporate Collect.

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How to make debit orders work for you