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Build mobile apps quicker and cheaper

Stratusolve has launched a full stack web and mobile app development framework called Divblox which makes it easier and faster to build web and mobile applications [click here for more info].

Stratusolve is a software company based in Centurion which specialises in creating innovative, cloud-based software solutions.

Their Divblox framework has a web-first approach. This means users will also create their web app first using languages like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

This code can then be exported as a native iOS or Android app which can be uploaded to the Google Play store or Apple’s App store.

The result is a web app and Android and iOS mobile applications with a single code base which covers all aspects of a solution.

Launch mobile apps quicker

A big benefit of Divblox is its user-friendliness. Anyone – from analysts to hard core developers – can collaborate to create great applications.

Because Divblox automatically deals with many tedious items which slows down the development process, companies can go to market 3 to 5 times faster.

For more information, visit the Divblox website here, or contact Stratusolve here.

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Build mobile apps quicker and cheaper