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Let Divblox build your next software solution

In the digital age, it is critical that businesses are always positioned to innovate and improve their business processes.

This is why using a framework that allows for continuous innovation like Divblox is one of the best decisions your business can make.

The Divblox framework is available to software creators to build their own apps and custom solutions.

However, businesses have the opportunity to get the Divblox team to use its own framework, and knowledge thereof, to implement custom, cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

The Divblox team has extensive experience helping major South African businesses and institutions build flexible and robust solutions, and is ready to help your business, too.

After all – who better to build your custom Divblox solution than the actual team behind the framework?

Why choose Divblox

Custom software solutions like those Divblox builds are designed to help the modern business streamline its processes.

Most businesses use a variety of apps, excel sheets, and manual processes – all of which can be combined into a single, unique software solution from the Divblox team.

This allows for easier access of important data, allowing for better decision-making, as well as the automation of mundane tasks.

Another benefit is that you can save money by allowing the Divblox team to create your custom software solution.

This is because centralising your software solutions under a single framework cuts out many compatibility issues and optimises the development process.

The time saved by this is also money saved, as you will be able to focus your staff hours onto other important tasks.

A history of excellence

The Divblox team has helped an impressive list of South African companies optimise their digital solutions including Standard Bank, Hollard, Liberty, and MobiLife.

By allowing the Divblox team to build their custom software solutions, these customers have saved time and money.

For example, when Divblox worked on the Hollard Film Guarantors web app for processing film producers’ funding, it spent just 152 development hours rebuilding and improving an app that had originally taken over 400 hours to build.

Hollard Film Guarantors now also has the benefit of maintainability at 5x the traditional development pace, as well as an app that is accessible on all devices, rather than the legacy app that only worked on desktops.

It is clear that Divblox is expertly positioned to help South African businesses streamline their solutions and embrace the digital revolution.

Why not add your business to the list?

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Let Divblox build your next software solution