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Lockdown in the digital age

The national lockdown has taught businesses a lot about working remotely.

Not everyone can work from home, but the ICT sector has mostly been able to make this adjustment.

This is thanks to high-quality business IT products such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE’s) Hybrid IT solution.

Hybrid IT from HPE

Pinnacle builds HPE solutions such as Hybrid IT for organisations that want to access HPE’s extensive range of enterprise products.

Hybrid IT is important because while many businesses are increasing their use of the cloud, legacy and physical data centres continue to be prevalent.

This means businesses must implement a solution that takes advantage of existing infrastructure and the cloud.

Hybrid IT achieves this by simplifying server and application deployments across both the cloud and your physical data centres, while providing great security for your applications and data.

It also makes resource management invisible to the end user – meaning it simplifies your virtual applications and data management.

Other benefits of Hybrid IT from HPE include:

  • 5x better application performance than traditional IT.
  • Less than 1 minute to backup and restore a 1TB virtual machine.
  • 69% cost savings compared to traditional IT, and up to 55% compared to the public cloud.


HPE’s Hybrid IT is powered by SimpliVity, which is its new generation of hyper-converged infrastructure.

SimpliVity has evolved from being software-defined to being AI-driven, meaning it manages, optimises, and heals itself when necessary.

It is also powered by machine learning data from InfoSight, meaning it is constantly learning and discovering the best ways to make your business processes run smoothly.

Benefits of HPE SimpliVity include:

  • Fast – It frees up 81% more time, and 88% of customers see dramatic app performance improvements.
  • Powerful and efficient – Save 90% capacity across storage and backup combined.
  • Multi-cloud – Offers support for VMware and Hyper-V private clouds, and allows deployment of apps and management of virtual machines in minutes.

Implementing Hybrid IT

The key to getting the full benefits of Hybrid IT is ensuring that your solution is based upon an effective operations model.

If this is achieved, Hybrid IT solutions offer the best possible flexibility when deploying business solutions and developing new processes.

Therefore, it is critical that your HPE Hybrid IT solution is implemented by an organisation that knows what it is doing, and is why trusted HPE partners like Pinnacle are so valuable.

Pinnacle has extensive experience installing HPE solutions that fit the specific needs of each unique business.

Additionally, if cash flow is an issue, HPE and Pinnacle can help with the right financing solution for your business – be it transitional, financial services, or even pay-as-you-use with GreenLake.

Don’t let your digital world be halted when HPE and Pinnacle has an innovative offering that’s right for your business.

We deliver the exceptional – let Pinnacle help you find the right pieces for your puzzle.

This article was published in partnership with Pinnacle.

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Lockdown in the digital age