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In the 21st century, online technologies are an integral part of the education process.

This is perfectly illustrated by the Mindbourne experience, which takes both mathematics teachers and learners on a journey of excellence to achieve their personal best in the subject.

Developed by Mark Phillips, Mindbourne products are directly aligned with modern developments in mathematics learning and serve as a stepping-stone from the old to the new.

Crucially, the teacher remains at the forefront of the learning process – and the Mindbourne Teacher Control facility has been designed to allow teachers to manage learner access to the mathematics content it hosts.

This content includes videos, which are designed to enhance the learning process and work in tandem with Mindbourne textbooks under the guidance of a teacher.

This powerful combination of “teacher plus technology” is a winning formula for success and offers infinite opportunities.

Additionally, all of the content in the textbooks is also available in video format on the Mindbourne website.

The teacher resource portal is also populated with original tests and exam questions.

Teachers can access and use these resources in their own tests and exams, and teacher training videos on difficult topics are available when needed.

Mindbourne textbooks

Mindbourne textbooks are suitable for both DBE and IEB schools.

The focus in these books is on differentiated learning, alternative methods of solving problems, and international trends such as dynamic geometry and the Singapore method.

This includes grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and AP Mathematics textbooks, which when combined with the assistance of Mindbourne’s unique video portal give learners the tools to achieve top marks.

Teachers can also move rapidly through the syllabus without compromising learning standards.

The result is an excellent fundamental understanding of key mathematics concepts.

The Mindbourne workshops

Mindbourne also offers valuable online workshops for mathematics teachers, and these workshops have received SACE accreditation.

This means that teachers can now get their SACE points from the comfort of their homes through Mindbourne.

The Mindbourne Academy

Advanced Programme (AP) Mathematics is an additional enrichment course available to Mindbourne learners who plan to study mathematics-rich courses at a tertiary level.

The course offers advanced topics such as Calculus, Statistics, and Mathematical Modelling, while there is a three-year course in AP Mathematics which starts from Grade 10.

In Grade 12, learners are required to write a final examination set by the IEB, and learners who pass this Mindbourne course will receive a certificate from the IEB which can be included with applications to study at university.

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Mindbourne – Where the teacher is always prime