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Boost your agility with connected planning

When disruption is constant, companies can’t rely on historical trends to predict the future.

Plans they make need to be adjusted continuously to help them manage shifts and capitalize on the opportunities that come with those.

Today, re-planning and re-forecasting is an everyday necessity and relying on siloed departments to create siloed plans isn’t good enough anymore.

C-suite leaders need insight into holistic plans and forecasts, right across the business.

This is where connected planning comes in.

It brings together once-discrete planning processes, so you can plan across your entire business.

Connected planning enables you to change, refine, and refocus at all levels—improving your ability to adapt rapidly to changing business conditions.

It uses advanced technologies (like data science, AI, and machine learning) to improve forecast accuracy and predict changes.

And, it connects directly to actuals and operations, so you see how well you’re performing and adjust the plan as targets move.

Join us on 28 October for Connected Planning Virtual Summit to discover how incorporating line-of-business information and prescriptive insights into your planning can synchronize operational and corporate goals, reduce delays in decision-making, and enable your company to become more agile.

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Boost your agility with connected planning