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What you should keep in mind when looking for a data package

Data is data, right? Kind of, but not really… You can get wireless, fixed, from fibre, satellite, and much more… So, how do you know which one is right for you?

You see, while all kinds of data will get you connected to the internet, there are some unique selling points that certain providers boast that others don’t.

There are also various ways you can connect to the internet.

Let’s take a quick look at these factors and how they can affect your decision-making process.

Fixed VS Mobile.

If you’re getting connected in one spot (such as your home or office), then a fixed internet connection should be your first choice.

Fixed connections make use of less infrastructure, which makes it more affordable than mobile. That said, if you need to stay connected on the move, mobile is the way to go.

Mobile makes use of multiple connection points and, subsequently, costs you more than a fixed connection would (when comparing like-for-like packages).

Night-time data.

This isn’t always a given, but some service providers offer night-time (or off-peak) data bundles as part of your purchase.

This can be incredibly helpful if you’re a night owl looking to surf the web for less.

Prepaid VS Contract.

One of the most important factors that you should consider is whether to go for a prepaid package or a contract.

The price of packages (both prepaid and contract) will vary dramatically between the various service providers. Keep in mind that service level, data usage, and connection speed all differ based on the package and provider that you opt for, so don’t just look for the “cheapest” one!


While service providers can provide coverage to most of South Africa, there are shortfalls.

Do your research and find out if you are covered before choosing your ISP.

There are a ton of great options available in South Africa right now, with brands like Supersonic offering services that meet all of the needs we’ve mentioned above at great prices!

If you are looking to connect your home or office with faster, simpler, and more affordable internet – check your speed and sign up now.

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What you should keep in mind when looking for a data package