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SYSPRO ERP – The ultimate operations management software for manufacturers

SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution is designed for manufacturers who need a world-class and accurate execution system.

The solution leverages the industry-leading technologies offered by SYSPRO to help you drive increased productivity and lower production costs within your manufacturing business.

SYSPRO MOM is integrated into SYSPRO ERP, and this makes it easy to generate and publish accurate schedules that consider your constraints around resources such as people, machines, tooling, and materials.

SYSPRO MOM features

SYSPRO MOM supports the entire manufacturing lifestyle to give you a 360-degree view of your production processes.

This comprises six key areas:

  • Schedule – Fast and accurate schedule processing to maximize order fulfilment and resource utilization.
  • Publish – Easy publishing of schedules and job lists to the shop floor and other departments.
  • Collect – Data can be gathered from the shop floor – both from employees and machines.
  • Track – Real time visibility of employees, equipment performance, and job progress.
  • Analyze – Out-of-the box analytics for OLE, OEE, and TEEP improve plant performance analysis.
  • Improve – Continually improve your factory by analyzing the Six Big Losses, online documents and more.

SYSPRO MOM uses OPC unified architecture (IEC62541) to facilitate the easy and secure exchange of this important data and once the information has been converted, it can be published and analysed.

This combines with the latest SYSPRO technologies to provide a comprehensive system that helps you run your manufacturing business more productively while reducing losses and wastage.

SYSPRO MOM is also accessed through an intuitive, browser-based user interface that gives you complete visibility of all stages of the manufacturing process at any time, and from anywhere in the world.

You can therefore use real-time data to make quick and accurate management decisions that improve your operations.

If you run a manufacturing business, SYSPRO MOM is the obvious choice to improve your productivity and lower your production costs.

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SYSPRO ERP – The ultimate operations management software for manufacturers