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How Mac is helping Syft Analytics, a software company, thrive

 ·18 May 2023

For the team at Syft Analytics, an award-winning business software company based in Bryanston, Johannesburg, thinking out of the box is more than a strategy for everyday insight and innovation.

It’s a welcoming ritual designed to acquaint employees with the ideal tool they need to get the job done. A Mac.

In the company, each new team member is given a brand new Mac to unwrap, unbox, and set up. It’s an on-boarding process that helps to build morale and create an air of excitement, says Vangelis Kyriazis, co-founder and CEO at Syft Analytics. “It’s just a great feeling for the staff member,” he adds. “They really know that they’ve arrived at the business, and they’re excited to get started.”

Established in 2015, Syft Analytics produces interactive and collaborative financial reporting software that is used by more than 50,000 businesses in over 50 countries.

And at the core of those breakthrough insights and reports, is a team that relies on the power of Mac to make the magic happen.

Working with iStore Business, the business-empowering arm of iStore, Syft Analytics was able to integrate Mac into its operation with ease.

“Within one month, the entire team had switched over to MacBook Air and MacBook Pro,” says Eleftherios Kyriazis, Syft Analytics’ co-founder and Head of Product. “It was a smooth and effortless process, with excellent support and total reliability.”

Aside from the power, speed, and all-day battery life of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro range, supercharged with M1 and M2 chips, the team at Syft Analytics has been impressed with the enhanced security of the machines, a vital criterion for a global software development company.

“It has been proven that Apple devices reduce data breaches by 50 per cent per device deployed, thanks to automatic encryption and anti-malware defences,” says Eleftherios. “This is an immense risk-management advantage.”

But good software has to look good too, and that’s where the design department at Syft Analytics has equally come to appreciate and value Mac’s best-in-class processing power. “With Mac, everything is faster,” says Christine Loubser, the company’s Head of Marketing.

“When rendering videos and animations, constant small delays can be incredibly frustrating and a total drain on productivity. Thankfully, the Macs handle this load extremely well, with no delays. In fact, these Macs deal with the load much better than any other laptop.”

As Sudesh Pillay, Executive Head of iStore Business puts it, there is an inextricable link between the efficacy of an employee’s technical equipment, and their job satisfaction.

“With a superior operating system, employees are empowered to perform,” says Sudesh. “When a staff member’s primary productivity tool is reliable, fast, and innovative, they are bound to excel, and be happier while doing it.”

Proof of that happiness can be found in the close working relationship Syft Analytics has built working with iStore Business over the last two years.

“We’ve always had immediate points of call whenever we need the iStore Business team,” says Vangelis. “They’re just a phone call away. It really is a one-stop shop for us.”

Moving to the Mac ecosystem has paid off in terms of ROI and lifecycle cost savings for Syft Analytics, but there has been a greater long-term benefit beyond that.

“We aspire for Syft Analytics to set global benchmarks, both as a business and a software tool,” says Vangelis.

“It’s only natural that we would choose the best devices and support available on the market to power our business and the solutions we offer. This is why we chose Mac and iStore Business.”

To find out how iStore Business can help you embrace and leverage the benefits of Mac for your business, complete your details here or email [email protected]

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