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Hohm Energy: Setting the standard in quality, trusted solar installations

 ·14 Jul 2023

In the wake of recent incidents involving solar installations gone wrong, the importance of safety and quality in solar energy systems has come into sharp focus for solar customers.

Recently a fire broke out on the rooftop solar installation at Vodacom’s Cape Town Head Office, with videos and images shared extensively on social media.

In light of this, the quality of solar products, the solar installation itself and insurance coverage for the solar installation and the property it is installed on becomes crucial.

Homeowners and business owners installing solar should ensure that their insurance policy covers solar installations and any potential damages or losses caused by fire or negligence.

They should review their policy to confirm if fire-related incidents are explicitly covered, and if there are any specific requirements or exclusions related to solar installations.

Liability issues may arise in cases where the fire is determined to be caused by a faulty solar installation or negligence on the part of the installer or manufacturer.

Depending on the circumstances, the liability may fall on the installer, the manufacturer of the solar panels or related equipment, or even the property owner if they failed to properly maintain or adhere to safety guidelines.

Legal actions and claims for compensation may be pursued to recover losses or damages incurred.

To mitigate liability and ensure customer protection, solar installations must comply with safety standards and regulations.

The City of Cape Town, for example, requires solar PV systems to be installed by competent installers using CoCT approved inverters, and accompanied by a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

Failure to provide a valid CoC can lead to legal consequences and affect insurance coverage in the event something goes wrong.

Consumer protection becomes a significant concern when solar installations catch fire. Homeowners and businesses relying on solar energy need to have confidence in the safety and reliability of their installations.

It is crucial for consumers to choose reputable and experienced installers, conduct thorough research on the products and services offered, and ensure that proper safety measures are in place.

Considering this, when looking for solar, customers are encouraged to stick to solar providers that prioritise safety and good quality and follow South African National Standards (SANS) codes and compliance processes.

Given these factors, readers are advised to opt for solar providers like Hohm Energy, known for prioritising safety, quality, and reliability.

A Commitment to Safety and Quality

Hohm Energy is the only solar provider trusted by the majority of the largest Financial Service Providers to provide solar to their clients.

The company ensures that their installations are of the highest quality, completely safe and “just work”. This is achieved through a rigorous process of checks and balances. Hohm Energy is a solar fintech marketplace that partners with vetted solar installation teams nationwide.

Hohm Energy vets the solar installation teams they work with by reviewing their safety file, team members’ training and qualifications, that SANS code standards are followed for every installation and performs background checks on all team members on site to ensure not just your installation compliance but also your personal safety.

This ensures that the team performs the best quality installations professionally and safely. Furthermore, all teams are required to have a SAPVIA (South African Photovoltaic Industry Association) PV Greencard, a mark of quality assurance in the solar industry.

After each installation, Hohm Energy performs a third-party verification check to ensure each installation is of the highest quality and has been performed according to the SANS code standards. This commitment to safety and quality sets Hohm Energy apart in the solar industry.

Expert Insights on Solar Safety

Tim Willis, Chief Supply Officer at Hohm Energy, provides valuable insights into the safety of solar installations. He states, “It is necessary to work with trusted partners who provide full cost transparency upfront and work only with Tier-1 products and vetted installers”.

“When choosing a solar provider, they should also ensure they offer maintenance services for your installation, like Hohm Energy does”.

“After both virtual and physical site visits and delivering a rigorous Engineered Proposal, Hohm Energy always uses quality Tier 1 products, as well as consumables that reduce any risk for their clients such as weatherproof cabling and, where possible, cable ducting to protect cabling from weather conditions.”

“This is just one of the ways Hohm Energy goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and longevity of their installations.”

There is a basic difficulty and attendant challenge of home-owners identifying and selecting reputable solar installers and how to compare quotes and value.

With the South African solar market offering so many competing solutions at different price points for different products, equipment choices, quality and cost variables it is a veritable minefield for the consumer.

These are not uncommon challenges in a nascent industry. For example, what guarantees does your prospective installation offer?

Apart from setting high standards for product and installation standards, there is a need for more respected, competent advisory services in this area such as Hohm Energy’s Energy Advisors who can provide you with a no obligation proposal and expert advice.

Understanding what you are purchasing and receiving a detailed, cost competitive and technically competent proposal is the first step towards customer satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Hohm Energy and GLINT: A Powerful Partnership

Hohm Energy has partnered with GLINT to offer a true solar subscription service to their clients. This innovative approach allows customers to receive a solar system through a true solar subscription model, which automatically includes insurance for the use of the solar system and the home or business it is installed on.

This baked-in insurance covers any potential adverse events like lightning or extreme weather events and even theft, immensely reducing the risk profile and cost of having a solar system.

Choosing the Right Solar Provider

For those considering a solar installation, it is crucial to thoroughly research the company you are thinking of selecting to get solar.

Checking customer ratings on HelloPeter, and whether they are trusted by reputable financial brands, is a good starting point.

Hohm Energy, with its strong reputation and commitment to both safety and quality, throughout your solar journey is a trusted choice for many who are not prepared to take project risk and sets it apart in the solar industry.

The company’s rigorous checks and balances, expert insights, innovative partnerships with leading South African financial brands, make it a trusted choice for quality solar products and installations.

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