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Let your company executives shine – BusinessTech interviews and profiles

 ·11 Nov 2023

BusinessTech is South Africa’s leading business news website, with an audience of 5 million monthly readers.

This audience makes it the ideal place to profile and promote your company executives, positioning them as leaders and experts in their field.

BusinessTech’s marketing team offers two comprehensive solutions in this regard:

  • Executive Interview Articles
  • Executive Profile Articles

With both options, BusinessTech will take care of everything needed to make sure your executives shine.

This includes:

  • Setting up an interview between your executive and a senior BusinessTech journalist.
  • Working with you to formulate approved questions for the interview.
  • Conducting the executive interview.
  • Writing up the interview/profile article for your approval.
  • Publishing the article on BusinessTech and promoting it on social media.

We guarantee quick and efficient service every step of the way, and are always highly respectful of the busy schedules your executives run.

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BusinessTech’s marketing team is ready to help you make your executives stand out through an executive interview and profile articles.

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