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Euphoria Telecom’s reseller programme empowers businesses to embrace cloud telephony

 ·19 Mar 2024

Migration to cloud-based business systems – whether it be storage, software or telephony systems – can feel like a daunting task for many businesses, requiring trusted service providers to lead the way.

Euphoria Telecoms’ reseller programme was established with this in mind – allowing resellers to act as advisors providing tailored cloud-based telephony solutions to their client base, while increasing their own product offering and revenue.

Through the programme, established companies are given full access to Euphoria’s ecosystem, and receive comprehensive training and support from Euphoria’s dedicated reseller team.

“Our reseller team establishes partnerships with resellers and wholesalers that align with our commitment to quality and service excellence.”

“Because our resellers give us a footprint across the whole country, they are a very important part of our sales strategy,” says Aidan Smit, Euphoria Sales Manager.

Euphoria’s ideal reseller

  • Uses a Euphoria PBX system in their own business – Euphoria’s locally produced PBX systems offer a range of benefits, which allow businesses to easily scale it up or down and track call data to increase business efficiency and reduce costs. So who better to recommend its services than people who are already using it?
  • Is an IT or technology company with an established customer base – Resellers will manage everything from sales to installation and after sales service. Resellers also maintain full ownership of their clients, allowing them to nurture those relationships.

“Our resellers have already built a relationship with their clients, and they act as trusted advisors, tailoring solutions with the right hardware, connectivity and PBX set-up for them,” says Smit.

  • Has dedicated sales and support teams – Resellers are required to have at least two technical staff members, and one sales person.

Teams will undergo 15 hours of online and instructor based training, and will complete the required technical, administration and porting accreditations.

Euphoria will create the PBX, add extensions and assist with number porting, and its reseller team is always on hand to provide support for technical issues that can’t be solved through normal troubleshooting.

“We set resellers up with all the technical, hardware and support knowledge to go out there and sell and install the product,” Smit says.

Businesses can earn up to 25% in services and 15% in call values back as annuity income, allowing them to grow their revenue base while offering a high-quality product and services that deliver real value to their customers.

For more information, or to become a reseller, visit Euphoria’s reseller page or watch the video below to find out more.

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