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Xiaomi smart appliances – Letting South Africans take control of their homes

 ·23 May 2024

Leading consumer electronics brand Xiaomi offers an impressive range of high-quality smart home appliances that will make your life easier.

These appliances range from air fryers and blenders to heaters and humidifiers—all of which will improve your home.

You can connect to each appliance through Wi-Fi and control it on the Xiaomi Home mobile app, allowing you to build an entire Xiaomi smart home ecosystem at the tap of a screen.

This ecosystem can also be controlled through Google Home or Amazon Alexa for the most seamless user experience available.

We unpack our favourite Xiaomi smart appliances which are available in South Africa, below.

Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker

Xiaomi’s first-ever rice cooker is an excellent smart device with eight intuitive cooking functions.

You can adjust your rice’s cooking temperature, times, rice types, and texture on the appliance itself or through the Xiaomi Home app.

Using the app, you can begin cooking your rice before you start your commute home and will be greeted with delicious rice cooked to your desired texture.

Preparing rice has never been as simple as it is now with the Xiaomi Smart Multifunctional Rice Cooker.

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 6.5L

The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 6.5L is the perfect appliance for quickly whipping up a meal.

Featuring a huge 6.5L basket, the Xiaomi air fryer can cook large amounts of food in no time. It also boasts an ultra-versatile temperature range of between 40 and 220 degrees Celsius.

This temperature range enables it to offer a keep-warm function that runs at lower temperatures, which is super useful if you have an active family that eats at different times or if you cook food remotely during the afternoon and want to keep it warm until you arrive home in the evening.

The Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer 6.5L is further enhanced by its smart functionality, which allows for remote control and 24-hour scheduling that ensures you can cook your favourite meals from anywhere and at any time.

Xiaomi Smart Blender

The Xiaomi Smart Blender is perfect for hot and cold meals and drinks – like soups and smoothies – and includes nine adjustable blending settings that ensure every meal or drink has the right texture.

These adjustable settings include more complex tasks like crushing ice, which is made possible by its eight-blade, multi-angle chopping capability.

The smart blender is controllable using the Xiaomi Home smartphone app and has the unique capability of instantly making specific recipes listed on the app.

Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro

This Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Pro is a wireless, portable fan that includes its own battery – making it the ultimate way to keep your home cool during load-shedding.

Its double-layer fan blade ensures precision cooling, while other key benefits include its ultra-quiet operational noise levels and energy-saving mode.

These features can be managed using voice control, as well as through the Xiaomi Home app, which lets you turn your fan on while in another room or before you return home.

If you don’t need a fan with its own battery, the Xiaomi Smart Standing Fan 2 Lite is a great choice, and offers much of the same smart functionality.

Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite

The Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite will heat up your room to between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius in only three seconds.

It does this using an oscillating ventilation feature, which works seamlessly in combination with the heater’s wide-angle 70-degree ventilation zone and 2,200W heating power.

There are four heating modes to choose from:

  • Constant temperature mode – Ideal for keeping large spaces warm.
  • Hot mode – Uses 2,000W to warm you up during severe cold weather.
  • Warm mode – Uses 1,400W during cooler weather.
  • Natural mode – Primarily used to increase airflow within a room.

It can then be controlled remotely through the Xiaomi Home smartphone app, allowing you to heat up your room before you arrive home from work, as well as through voice control.

Voice control is hugely valuable for a heater, as you can tell the appliance to begin heating your bedroom before you hop out of bed on a winter’s morning.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Space Heater S is a great alternative for anyone seeking a higher-end smart heater.

It offers the same smart features as the Smart Tower Heater Lite, but in a more traditional heater form factor and with extra functionality – like a built-in adjustable thermostat and automatic room heat detection.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact

Healthy living is important, and the Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact will contribute to this by improving the air quality in your home.

This valuable appliance offers real-time air quality monitoring and then cleans the air in your home appropriately – including removing allergens.

It is designed to use as little energy as possible, an important consideration given South Africa’s electricity crisis, and will also help reduce your family’s sinus problems caused by air pollution.

Your Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact can then be controlled using the Xiaomi Home smartphone app, allowing you to do everything from turn it off and on, to setting automatic schedules.

Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2

The Xiaomi Smart Humidifier 2 works extremely well with the Air Purifier 4 Compact.

It automatically detects the humidity in your home and adds moisture to the air when appropriate, using a 360-degree dual rotational mist dispenser to ensure whole-room coverage.

The Humidifier 2 will also identify when humidity levels are optimal, and will stop operating accordingly.

This humidifier can be used with essential oils, too, and is designed to be extremely quiet while operating – ensuring you are not disturbed in your home.

Aligning with the rest of Xiaomi’s smart appliances, the Smart Humidifier 2 can be controlled on the Xiaomi Home mobile app – including the ability to manage it remotely and schedule when it runs.

Building a Xiaomi home ecosystem

Each Xiaomi smart appliance we have featured is impressive in isolation. Where they truly shine, however, is when they work together to simplify your home life.

For example: It is unpleasant to return from work to a chilly home in the middle of winter.

You can therefore set your Xiaomi Smart Tower Heater Lite to warm up your home before you arrive.

To avoid the heater drying out the air in your home, you can then set your Smart Humidifier 2 to run when it detects a lack of moisture in the air.

Simultaneously, you can set your smart rice cooker and air fryer to begin cooking a wholesome dish of chicken and rice – all of which would be ready for you to enjoy when you arrive home.

This is the type of convenience you can experience when you embrace the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem – click here to begin this exciting journey.

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