Media24 launches new SA e-commerce enabler

Media24 eCommerce, a division of Media24, today announced the launch of Efinity a new e-commerce fulfillment service.

Efinity enables small, medium and big e-commerce merchants to send products to its warehouses, which it then stores, packs and ships to customers as and when orders are taken online.

“We have no minimum contracts, no integration costs, no setup fees. Pricing is based solely on the services you use,” the group said.

Media24 is a subsidiary of e-commerce and media giant, Naspers, while it has a sister company, On The Dot, a logistics services provider, and strategic partner in Efinity.

The group said that customers could expect the same fulfillment service that is currently offered at e-commerce site, Spree.

“Without our efficient and low-cost fulfilment operations, it would not have been economically viable for Spree to subsidize transportation costs and offer free shipping, free same-day delivery and free 30-day returns to customers,” said Louna Lohann, GM of Spree.

CIO of e-commerce at Media24, Jonathan Muir said: “At Media24 we are uniquely positioned to have the resources and expertise to create powerful infrastructure that can scale seamlessly; to warehouse, manage and distribute stock.”

“Importantly, Efinity is designed to facilitate online retail cost-effectively through a pay-as-you-go pricing model.”

Naspers boss, Bob van Dijk, has expressed plans for the media group to transform itself into a “predominantly mobile” company, with a continued focus on e-commerce.

Van Dijk has a strong background at eBay Inc, and recent acquisitions suggest that company could increase the mobile presence of its online classifieds and retailing businesses.

“It’s a direction where we see a lot of traction and it works well in markets we operate in,” he said of e-commerce.

Media24 head of new business development, Nic Robertson – along with online information strategist, Eve Dmochowska – has also founded the E-Commerce Association (TECA) of South Africa.

TECA aims to promote online shopping in South Africa by building awareness, instilling confidence and increasing the skill set of stakeholders in the e-commerce industry.

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Media24 launches new SA e-commerce enabler