Telkom warns over Eskom load shedding

Telkom services will be impacted by Eskom’s nationwide load shedding schedule, the company said in a press statement on Monday, 3 November 2014.

Depending on the duration of load shedding Telkom said it may lose some core network elements which could impact customer services.

“The company understands the great inconvenience disconnection of its services brings to its customers and will therefore be on high alert during this period, mobilising all available technicians to work additional hours,” said Marna Wilden, managing executive of Telkom’s network centre operations.

“Our business and operations will also be impacted by load shedding and we hope that customers will appreciate that we are doing all that we can to maintain services under these trying circumstances,” she added.

Telkom said that in an instance of power failure — as a result of load shedding or otherwise — older models of modems do not have built in functionality which allows the modem to reset itself.

In these cases customers are required to reset the modem manually once power has returned by switching it off and on again, and possibly rebooting their computer.

“It is preferred, in the interest of saving time, that customers attempt this manual reset process prior to engaging our support staff through our call centres,” Telkom said.

Newer models of modems, such as those currently being distributed by Telkom, do have built in reset functionality and are likely to return to normal once the power is on again.

However, if users continue to experience problems after a power failure, affected customers can reach Telkom to report their problems via four channels:

  1. Faults can be logged electronically via the Telkom website –
  2. Customers can SMS “SERVICE” and their number to 30591 for assistance.
  3. Telkom’s app can be downloaded for free on a Apple and Android devices.
  4. Residential customers can call 10210 for assistance, whilst business customers can contact 10217.

Wilden advised that once customers have obtained a reference number after reporting a fault, they do not need to call Telkom again as the company’s internal systems will manage all faults and ensure that repairs are completed.

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Telkom warns over Eskom load shedding