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Vinny Lingham leaves Yola, starts Gyft

Vinny Lingham leaves Yola, starts Gyft

Well-known Internet entrepreneur, Vinny Lingham, has left Yola, the company which he founded in 2007 and ran as CEO until 2012. Lingham will now focus on his latest startup, Gyft.

Yola is a free website building service, offering premium hosting and feature sets.

In his personal blog, Lingham congratulated Yola’s former chief operations officer, Trevor Harries-Jones, who is taking over as CEO.

“I am very enthusiastic about the continued strong growth and prospects for Yola,” said Harries-Jones. “My immediate focus will be on completing the release of our new suite of exciting, high-quality, next generation products to our rapidly growing customer base, and on continuing to manage and expand our strong distribution partner platform.”

Lingham will now focus on his new startup, Gyft – a mobile wallet for gift cards – which is set to be launched in May 2012.

Lingham told MyBroadband BusinessTech that after five years, his job is done at Yola. “The product is built and I decided to move on to conquer new grounds,” said Lingham.

“I will continue to be a shareholder and board member of the company and will still work with the management team to ensure that the company continues to grow from strength to strength,” Lingham said.

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  • Henk Kleynhans

    Gyft is a brilliant idea! Such a clear problem that needs solving: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    I’d be curious to know the retail chains’ response to it, though. They rely on a lot of profit from unused gift cards. (I believe in South Africa, 25% of the value of gift cards never get used)


    • Brad Corber

      What do you mean a problem that needs solving? It has been solved, by a company that does exactly this already:, last year already.

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